Beyond Belief: Orgonite: The Ultimate Chemtrail Defense with Sharon Schloss Video
Orgonite: The Ultimate Chemtrail Defense with Sharon Schloss
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Beyond Belief: Orgonite: The Ultimate Chemtrail Defense with Sharon Schloss (November 2015)

Season 4, Episode 57
Available worldwide

Sharon Schloss discusses the health concerns of chemtrails and the precautions we can take to mitigate their effects. As we continue to explore the problem of chemtrails obscuring our skies and altering the environment, the inevitable question becomes: How can we protect ourselves from this plight? Plucked straight out of the annals of forbidden science, the answer may lie with the condemned technology of Wilhelm Reich. This interview with George Noory was originally webcast November 4, 2015.

Sharon Schloss, an anti-geoengineering activist and researcher is devoted to raising awareness and ending the climate engineering which is wreaking havoc on the environment and public health worldwide. Her research into these covert operations has led her to understand the chemtrail agenda and how we can remove this threat using orgone energy. She runs the websites The Chembow and the blog site, Somewhere Under the Chembow.

George Noory
Sharon Schloss


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loveteeth36, posted on March 25, 2016

I wonder how to create awareness, because every time I speak about this to someone, they look at mi as if I'm getting out of my mind....My credibility is pretty good, is not that they say something that make me feels bad, but they just seem to live in another world and don't see anything wrong with anything....

evuverance, posted on December 12, 2015

What a breath of fresh air. It is really nice to hear from someone who comprehends the state of the World we live in. And consistently we are reminded that mankind is hopelessly violent. This is one of many lies from an outside psychopathic influence. We are awakening and thank goodness. It is quite apparent, someone is frightened of the potential of human consciousness. So everyone pour on the coals!

Thegreenmonger, posted on November 18, 2015

I dont think thats why Reich went to jail. It was because of that greening of the desert he did (In Arizona, I believe). He used the cloud buster to make rain and do a test about greening the area. Locals said they havent seen grass in that spot for 50 years. The water table rose before it rained, and grass started to grow. Water started flowing in places where it hadnt in years. They accused him of tapping into the cities water supply somehow, and they brought him to court. At least thats what Ive seen in several documentaries.

abby6, posted on November 18, 2015

My orgonite pyramids are on my Aloha Alchemical page, similar to hers but Phi.
I suggest putting them under the bed, then around the perimeter of any room you spend a lot of time in. Charging with sun certainly helps. I put gold leaf and a quartz crystal at the tip of mine. I also wrap the crystals in copper wire. Propolis is a good way to chelate heavy metals as well as cilantro.

The resin is toxic if you sit there sniffing it. Open a window, or do it outdoors in warm weather and let it dry. After a day or two most of the smell is gone. Eventually it does not smell at all. I use mostly natural ingredients on the inside of my pyramids.

A good K supplement is made by Key company (used by Edgar Cayce) "Potassium Powder" with blue label on white container. Do not use KCl. Be careful to follow the instructions, I recommend the potatoes with skin, which have more K than the bananas. Much heart failure is due to imbalance of K and Na, the battery that keeps the heart flowing.

She talks fast and I need CC to understand but she knows her stuff.

cathy_cockey, posted on November 9, 2015

Excellent interview! However, my family will never go without their wifi and tvs, so I've put Shungite all over my house. This mineral also transmutes the harmful EMF's to those compatible with the body. I'm hoping this will enable us to safely be around these electronic devices!

deborah_dupre, posted on November 8, 2015

I cannot thank you enough for this video!!! I want to make my own sky cleaners now:-) I also had chelation treatments due to heavy metals and had started a vitamin/supplement regimen a few years ago but thank you for confirming again the need for daily detox.

elena.keegan, posted on November 7, 2015

I liked what Sharon had to say and would like to learn about what she is doing and likewise

Samadhi11, posted on November 7, 2015

Quite often when searching for an episode I have to use the arrows above the episode pictures to get to the particular episode I want to watch. This can be quite time consuming especially when the episode is in the later seasons. Can you make the site more user friendly, in that we can go directly to a certain page or we can start the search from the newest episode end (like it used to be) instead of the oldest episode end. I hope this makes sense and is something that can be changed easily, I believe it will benefit all users. Thank you.

phil-focus, posted on November 7, 2015

I agree. When you're on episode 44 (for example) it doesn't make sense to display links to episode 1 and 2 underneath. Much as I love Gaiam I do think the entire GUI needs to be re-thought from a user's perspective.

Janemotyka, posted on November 6, 2015

There are many discussions about these orgonite products having severe negative ramifications.

I recommend that all objective beings do appropriate research first.

JMSMITH1, posted on November 7, 2015

Thank you for this potentially life saving information. One particularly informative commenter there indicated that W. Reich's research discovered that aluminum in orgonite proved deadly. As I have not read his research myself I can't confirm or deny that but people should use discernment at the very least or, as you suggest, run their own experiments to discover the truth for themselves. Personally, I've had a couple sources in the past few days (including one poster below) inform me that black tourmaline is a natural EMF deflector so that's where my intuition is telling me to go.

darsiramirez, posted on November 7, 2015

oh really? do tell..

rita.sullivan, posted on November 6, 2015

Thank you for this eye opening interview. Would appreciate knowing where i can get those orgonite products?
All love and gratitude

darsiramirez, posted on November 7, 2015

Best to make your own. The topic of chemtrails took me down the path to orgonite. I make it but would give it away before i sold it. Intention is key.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on November 6, 2015

Thanks for commenting! You can find more about Sharon's work with orgonite on her website here:


ILikeBlue, posted on November 5, 2015

orgone energy sounds like source energy, which transmutes negative energy to positive energy. The same energy that Pyramids will generate,

CosmicCharly, posted on November 5, 2015

make potassium rich water by peeling organic potatoes< the outer layers contain the most K, and bring reverse osmosis, distilled or other low mineral water to a boil with the potatoes skins let set for 30 min and add in some cool structured water or energy catylist and you will have energy and potassium rich water that will help balance your minerals and hormones.

auroradesigns, posted on November 5, 2015

It is good to know that there are people combatting the chemtrails and there are easy and available solutions. FYI , I place lepidolite on electronic devises and use the speaker or earbuds when using my iphone. Lepidolite absorbs emf. There are other crystals that you can use - sodalite, smokey quartz, black tourmaline they absorb" electromagnetic smog" An suggestion for George: interview Judy Hall- crystal guru

marystavrou, posted on November 5, 2015

What a fantastic young woman...thank God she is part of our go girl!!!

Bev12, posted on November 5, 2015

Sharon is one smart woman!! Thank you Sharon and George for this most informative interview!

bvb10, posted on November 5, 2015

Just bought a whole bunch nice to know chem trails are also attacked by them.
Love you George...great guest.

mariearmstrong, posted on November 4, 2015


TLE56, posted on November 4, 2015

Thank you George and Sharon. Very informative. Much appreciated. :-)

darsiramirez, posted on November 4, 2015

I am in the process of "gifting" the 303 cell towers found within a 3-mile radius from my home in San Diego. Re: orgonite, I add crushed local crystals and minerals found on Mt. Cuyamaca and meditate which programs the resin as it cures. There so much going on in our skies. My apartment attracts demons who try to prevent the orgone energy from reaching the sky. Check out these vids:
Thank you Gaiam and Sharon (chemtrail warrior) Let's win this.

djd3, posted on November 5, 2015

Lovely to hear something can be done on such a huge scale. Wish more people could read this comment and some of the others.

NaturallyNathalie, posted on November 4, 2015

Orgonite with 222 specific frequency codes embedded in the crystal, including Frequency codes that specifically transmute EMF's , regenerate the human aura, energy of over 90 crystals and much more. This is Super Charged Orgonite. They are extra Powerful and Wearable. Many customers express, that they feel naked and vulnerable when leave home without it. Find these as well as the super charged unity conscious crystals and more @

Thanks George and Sharon for sharing this Very Important info. for our well being.

artistsuzette, posted on November 4, 2015

She is very wise and so many of the things she spoke about are true ~ ~ ~ Thank you for this interview ~ I gained a lot from it ~ ~ ~

helenann, posted on November 4, 2015

lisajane15, posted on November 4, 2015

Love that this information is being shared. I just recently started making my orgonite and sharing them with my friends and family. Mine are beautiful artistic pyramids. I even convinced my husband to put one on his desk at his work. Thanks for all of the information, I hope more people will use this advice.

earlymorning, posted on November 4, 2015

Thank you. There is so much in here that is useful. I will definitely be passing this information on.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on November 4, 2015

Thank you for commenting! In case you missed it, you can find the earlier interview with Sharon Schloss on Beyond Belief here:


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