Health Choices: An Ounce of Prevention...Am I at Risk Video
An Ounce of Prevention...Am I at Risk

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Health Choices: An Ounce of Prevention...Am I at Risk (2001)

Episode 5
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Thanks to the Human Genome Project, the National Institute for Health is helping to identify the genetic role of illness, to clarify who is at risk for disease and how such risk might be reduced. Some have called the Human Genome Project the most important scientific event ever mounted. The project is like a textbook that gives us for the first time the ability to read our script and to help us profoundly change what it is we're looking for when we go about diagnosing and healing. Likewise, a basic sense of human connection is as fundamental of a need as food or water, yet it often goes unfulfilled in our society.

We can have a sense that we don't know what we're looking for, even when we're yearning for such interconnection. Support groups are an empowering way for people to reconnect with each other. From the Human Genome Project to social support groups, join host Dr. Howard Torman as we explore the most effective methods for preventing serious illnesses.

Dr. Howard Torman
Francis Collins, Richard Klausner, Judy Castellano, Freya Schnabel, Johanna Carolyn, Lois Gold, Dean Ornish, Socrates Triantafillou, Steven Horowitz


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