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Overcoming Stereotypes
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Psyched: Overcoming Stereotypes

Episode 17

Dr. Robert Epstein talks with Queen Rania Al Abdullah of the Hashemite Kingdome of Jordan about how to overcome stereotypes and the problems that may be persisting in a post 9/11 United States. In psychology news, the different perspective of a terrorist, the differences in stress between men and women and the help of video games to overcome PTSD. Listener questions were on social phobias, adult night terrors, binge eating, and how to stop having sex until after marriage.

Robert Epstein
Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan


Episode 1 Lies and Liars
Lies and Liars (1/6/2006)
Episode 1
Dr. Robert Epstein welcomes Greg Hartley, an interrogator with the army and author of How to Spot a Liar.
Episode 2 Worrying
Worrying (1/13/2006)
Episode 2
Dr. Robert Epstein introduces the topic of this episode, worrying and talks with Dr. Robert Leahy, Author of The Worry Cure.
Episode 3 Katrina and Jane Seymour
Katrina and Jane Seymour (1/20/2006)
Episode 3
Dr. Robert Epstein tells of a personal account after hurricane Katrina then interviews actress Jane Seymour.
Episode 4 Suffering for Happiness
Suffering for Happiness (3/3/2006)
Episode 4
Dr Robert Epstein addresses his opinion of needing to suffer in order to be happier and talkes with Dr. Ed Diener from the University of Illinois.

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