Islanders: Palawan, The Philippines Video
Palawan, The Philippines
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Islanders: Palawan, The Philippines (2009)

Episode 7
Only available in United States

Called The Land of Promise by Magellan in 1521, the 400 km long island of Palawan lies in the south west of the Philippines archipelago.

Palawan is the adopted home of the fisher folk the Badajo (also known as Sea Gypsies). In some places, harvesting jellyfish has replaced traditional fishing, and some fishermen have converted to guiding the tourists who are beginning to discover this island paradise.

Several thousand long-term prisoners and their families live on 100,000 acres of planes, virgin forest and coast, and the recidivism rate of this minimum security prison is one of the lowest in the world.

Fraser Macnaught
Alexandre Leborgne & François Chayé
French & English


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