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The Park Bench

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The Park Bench (2014)

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The Park Bench is a comedy romance about Emily, a neurotic librarian-to-be, assigned to tutor Mateo, a struggling Latino undergrad in American Lit. They meet three times a week on a park bench and at first they do not get along.

But over time, the books they read cause them to open up and reveal their deepest secrets to each other. Soon these two opposites learn they have more in common than they ever could have imagined, and it may change their lives forever.

Walter Perez, Nicole Hayden
Ann LeSchander

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katwomantxstyle73, posted on March 23, 2016

really enjoyed it! :) a very touching movie that reminds us all about the moments in getting to know someone and remembering as well...

studio1a, posted on October 11, 2015

Very balanced, even keel movie. Sweet and yet informative. Not scared of different cultures and their stories. Thought provoking and enlightening. Too bad there are not more movies like this or even movies that show other cultures without stereotyping, A breath of good, fresh air. Both actors were very good and expressive.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on October 12, 2015

We appreciate reading your thoughts.


PattyCa103, posted on October 10, 2015

Really enjoyed the film and enjoyed the way it was portrayed which was different and creative.

Candrews, posted on October 8, 2015

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