Partner Yoga: Intermediate Level Video
Partner Yoga: Intermediate Level

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Partner Yoga: Intermediate Level

Available worldwide

Pedro Franco teaches us an intermediate level partner yoga practice that displays a beautiful way to deepen our human connections and interactions. Partner yoga is the embodiment of Tantra, taking you out of the individual practice and into a more connected state. It is extremely beneficial to those who practice and teach, allowing them a deeper understanding of the body, and developing greater awareness of alignment through precise adjustments. Franco's partner yoga video practice awakes a deep integration with others, is self-healing, and opens us up to compassion with a therapeutic and playful approach to yoga.

Yoga partner: Prestonne Domareski

Contraindications: Do not perform twists if you are pregnant. If you do not have a foam block, you can use a pillow.


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risha.dave, posted on February 2, 2015

the buffering didn't allow us to properly finish this practice. i wish there were more parter yoga videos available though!

HeidiV@Gaia, posted on February 3, 2015

@RISSHA.DAVE - We are so sorry for any inconvenience. Someone from our Customer Service department will be in contact with you. Also, I have noted the request for more partner videos...acro-yoga is so beautiful, I agree :).

patwarner, posted on February 17, 2015

My husband and I do this tape every night. I would love to see more partners videos as well. It is the only way I can get him to do yoga.

pylinc, posted on October 29, 2014

I guess the people who reviewed this video before my partner and I are NOT beginners, because clearly this was NOT a beginner yoga video. We are both beginners and inflexible and almost all the moves were impossible and dangerous to do. I would rate this video as advanced.

strauss5marija, posted on January 23, 2014

THIS IS very nice,I wish you can help us more with partner videos, some asanas are much better to make in couple, better streches and flexibility, looking forward, and maybe more longer series. thank you Pedro Namaste:)

LukeMYO, posted on December 16, 2013

@thegreyfaerie Look out for more videos from @pedrofranco in the New Year! - namaste, Luke and the My Yoga team

thegreyfaerie, posted on December 16, 2013

Your "Partner Yoga Level 1" is one of the most beautiful, grounding and engagine practices I have ever experienced. You have created a fabulous sequence and I look forward to seeing your other videos. I truly hope there will be more partner sequences to come. Thank you & Namaste.

chrissiebond, posted on June 4, 2013


dalma, posted on February 27, 2013

so beautiful and gentle, looking forward to next video ...

Flaquita, posted on February 23, 2013

We love partner yoga but would love to see both partners exercise all poses to get the full benefit of the class. We ended up rewinding the video so each partner could enjoy each pose. This disrupted the flow of our practice. We would love to see more partner yoga videos!

Dikristala, posted on February 19, 2013

This is beautiful

pedrofranco, posted on February 18, 2013


The sweetness and loveliness are rooted in the heart of whose is feeling <3 You are pure light <3 and Love

pedrofranco, posted on February 18, 2013

Hari OM beautiful soul
Soon there will be an advanced "peaceful warrior" sequence and probably much more, as a
continuity of Partner Yoga series :)
I'd love to share my teaching in Seattle if you know any studio possibly interested in more of the depth of Yoga please let me know :)
Love & Light of Yoga

BlissAngel, posted on February 18, 2013

This is great! Do you have any advanced videos, or level 2? I just want more of this- anything you have that is a continuation of this would be amazing! Thanks

wixis, posted on February 15, 2013

Sweet! lovely!

pedrofranco, posted on February 15, 2013


I'm so happy to see when the Yoga intention finds receptivity blooming love & light of Yoga in a contagious way.
The best virus we can have :)

pedrofranco, posted on February 15, 2013

Happy Valentine's everyday beautiful Soul :)
Love yours too, "Namaste Love"

pedrofranco, posted on February 15, 2013


Dear Irinkayoga
Thank you for your beautiful words.
This class can be practiced by partners who know each for long time, but also for those ones looking forward to interact and connect in a sacred way, Of course clear intention and communication make the difference in all levels of our lives, and Essential Yoga like practice is the art of aligning an integrative intention with our speech(communication) and acts (practice), the result is light-enlightment in partnership :)
Love & Gratitude

debjo, posted on February 14, 2013

Thank you Pedro. Happy Valentines Day to you! : )
(Love your energy)

Franci_2, posted on February 14, 2013

hello i just became a member my name is Franci I have fibromyalgia & it is getting pretty bad so i thought i would try yoga I'm just no sure how to start my husband would not be interested but I haven't even ask him yet any info on how i can get moving and do this please let me know Thank You

IrinkaYoga, posted on February 14, 2013

that's a wonderful reply Pedro. so this class is tailored to couples who know each other for a long time, already experience intimacy from knowing each other's character and want to experiment with tantric techniques working with energy? Again, nowdays we label everything yoga, yoga is union with Gd, so we can say Gd is in everything or on the other hand one can practice tantra without any of the yoga poses all together. As for problems in our society, don't think it's a lack of sexual touch, more a lack of love for ourselve and others, the lack of desire to serve, the desire to put our own enjoyment ahead of moral values and joy of others. I find your accent charming as well and like your tantra breathing class. :)

10butterflies, posted on February 14, 2013

Have to say I am a huge fan of partner yoga - I just didn't realize how much deeper you can get into a stretch and how healing and supportive touch is . MORE partner yoga!!! What a wonderful and intimate way to spend time with my boyfriend, or connect with my yoga peeps. And your accent is charming Pedro :)

pedrofranco, posted on February 14, 2013

Yoga can be understood in so many ways and levels, in so many different systems, dual, non dual, dual-nondual, "Classic", "Tantra". Hindu, Buddhist, Thai, Chinese, Shamanic.

From the Hindu tradition, Patanjali , codified wonderfully one of the systems considered the Ortodox Yoga in the Hindu culture.
Hinduism is a combination of many religious, and many specific ways of lifestyle, basically divided as orthodox and heterodox, Orthodoxism is related to Bhramanism and the cast system, with a Patriarchal paradigm of reality and divinity.
Patanjali and Yoga Sutras is rooted in that part of the Hindu Tradition, which even that the Hinduism as a whole doesnt exclude other views even when doesnt take like traditional -Orthodox, like Tantra and Buddhism, as there are many hindus paying respect and prayers to Buddha as Visnu Avatar.

In Tantra, there many different systems, as dual, non dual, Saiva, Sakta, Vaishnava, Ganapata etc, the list goes on and on, as Before India became a country, each part of the contentment, many different tribes they had their own specific beliefs and rituals, part of the totality of Hinduism as Yoga in many different forms.

That said, Hinduism itself, the culture which first mention in codified ways many ways to express Yoga, embraces all those forms without excluding any of them.

My question is not to be answered, as I don't have this question myself, instead just to create a collective Svadhyaya in our western Yoga Kula- why in the western its taken so partially what Yoga is and means? If the culture where Yoga was codified, there so many different ways and systems of Yoga, and does not exclude any.

In my relative perspective , the answer is : because we have so much issues related with separateness, to sexuality and to really connect in a loving way with other beings, the result of that we know= abusive behaviors, violence, prostitution, pedophile, rapes and all forms of distort sex.

Part of Panchamakara in Tantra traditions, which the Hinduism embraces as well like a high form of Yoga, there is Maithuma, one of the five M's, which is considered The sacred Union. It doesn't mean the whole path in that specific view, mindset and lifestyle but all existence is taken and understood as an extension of Consciousness itself, as sex, or any action or interaction of the Yogini/Yogi is essentially sacred and always in presented as a respectful ritualistic sacred way like this master class in question.

About Hatha Yoga Pradipika, even this beautiful text written by Svatmarama Yogendra, disciple of Goraksa Natha and Matsyendra Natha, taken as the"Tradional Hatha Yoga" came from a mix of traditions, Classic Yoga, Ayurveda, Saiva Tantra, also is believed that Goraksa Natha, his master, was Tantric Buddhist and a black Ayurvedic Practitioner himself .

So, even the what is considered, Classic came from a mix of a mix, and in my opinion the classicist view can be easily misunderstood as concept and create the opposite of Yoga instead, separation, conflict.

Yoga essentially is Union, and the practice it is the act of Unity, the art of matching in compatible way.
So, when we fell triggered or in judgement, like: this is, or this isn't, creating gaps of separation instead of integration, there is no Yoga this is fact.

Love & Light of Yoga

pedrofranco, posted on February 14, 2013

sorry for my broken English :)
Happy Valentine's Day

yogayogafun, posted on February 14, 2013

Very nice!

IrinkaYoga, posted on February 14, 2013

what?!!?? now we call everything yoga. let's go back to Patanjali's sutras and Hatha Yoga Pradipika though.

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