CMN: Paul Scheele on Natural Brilliance Video
Paul Scheele on Natural Brilliance
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CMN: Paul Scheele on Natural Brilliance (August 2007)

Season 3, Episode 30
Available worldwide

What if you could be given a snapshot of your past and understand, in an instant, your Modus Operandi? In his book, Genius Mind: Activating Your Brilliance, Paul Scheele assists us to take these single frame images from our past and use them to move beyond our mind’s filters and connect with our own genius. In this interview he is particularly passionate about keeping the innate genius of our children alive

You are brilliant beyond your imagination! Paul Scheele has facilitated this realization in millions of lives. He guides people to achieve extraordinary results in relationships, work, money and health. Paul is an expert on learning how to learn to tap the other 90% of your mind and believes everyone has an inner genius just waiting to be awakened.

When you want high impact, Paul will entertain, educate, inspire, and move you to use your genius mind to achieve amazing abundance.

Regina Meredith
Paul Scheele


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alexexum, posted on August 11, 2012

Lots of good information here on a variety of topics. Familiar with his paraliminal work, I was unaware Paul Scheele is not only a hypnotherapist but also practitioner of the law of attraction. He has an excellent grasp on how the human mind learns and develops, and even goes into a few test examples the viewer can try out with him. He explains how we can try and bring fourth our inner genius, using some interesting alterations on what to ask for when working with the law of attraction. We even find out he was interviewed for the movie "The Secret" but didn't make the cut. I would love to see that interview, or any others that can produce with Paul Scheele. Five Star lecture!

Lolk, posted on August 4, 2012

As Regina said, there is a lot in this interview and I will watch it again. In reference to what happens to our children in schools, it makes me wish we could shut them down for awhile and rework them more along the lines of the Waldorf, Montessori, and other methods that value the creativity of the child mind.

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