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Peace Within

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Peace Within

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Faith Hunter will guide you through a soothing restorative practice designed to help calm your inner chatter, and find peace within your heart. Great for stress or if you are having trouble sleeping.


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Donna Dux, posted on September 14, 2015

This was perfect, I loved it. Can't wait to watch any other videos you may have Faith.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on September 14, 2015

We're glad you enjoyed this practice. You can find other videos by Faith Hunter at the following link:


celiaa07, posted on May 27, 2015

This class was a very nice and relaxing practice, the child's pose is very nice and you do rotate your head half way through upon guidance by the instructor, as there is no notice that this will be the case I thought it was worth mentioning.

tutorial98, posted on December 13, 2014

The extremely long child's pose was the only part I did not enjoy. If you have very tight hips, the long duration of that one pose is excruciating, and I could not figure out a modification to alleviate it. I had to come out and bring life back to my legs less than half way through. If that part was shorter I would have enjoyed the entire practice.

asajkowski, posted on August 3, 2014

This was an absolutely amazing restorative class. Involved all of my favorite juicy restorative poses with help of the bolster. Feeling much more at ease and peaceful in my body, heart and mind. Thank you!

strauss5marija, posted on February 20, 2014

This was a wonderful yin yoga Faith, thank you very much, I feel absolutely great after working with you, looking forward to try your other yoga classes, Namaste:)

Vasaart, posted on February 8, 2014

I chose this as an alternative for the 2nd day of the heart of yoga and it was just what my body and mind wanted today. Thank you.

faithhunter, posted on July 2, 2013

@ornithologypsy you can always add a blanket or pillows. it is all about comfort...not about forcing yourself into the posture. hope this helps. Faith

cindyjf, posted on April 27, 2013

ahhh...just what i needed to recenter and relax.

pdlawson, posted on March 13, 2013

A pillow or blanket on top of the bolster.

elm, posted on February 24, 2013

Beautiful, thank you Faith x

ornithologypsy, posted on January 30, 2013

Thank you for this practice - so beautiful and calming!
Is there a gentle modification for those of us who can't quite fold down to reach the bolster while in wide angle seated forward bend pose?

Sugar_2, posted on December 3, 2012

Thank you.

noelmanes, posted on November 28, 2012

Thank you so much for this beautiful practice. Exactly what I need to feel at this time. Blessings

myogagirl, posted on November 22, 2012

What a beautiful class...

padance, posted on November 8, 2012

exactly what i needed today. thank you. blessings of light & love to all. namaste.

tytbody, posted on September 16, 2012

thank you Michelletrantina:) Very very very nice.

michelletrantina, posted on September 16, 2012

Hi Tytbody,
The bolster in this video is from Halfmoon
They are great and have lots of nice design and size options.
Michelle and MYO

tytbody, posted on September 16, 2012

where do you get one of these bolsters like this one in the video? I love it. Strong but not too hard.

AmandaRuffini, posted on September 7, 2012

such a beautiful practice, im so grateful! Namate

Moondeva, posted on August 4, 2012

I really enjoyed this calming practise, Thank you!

nalix83, posted on September 9, 2016

thank you

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