The Perfection of Anna Video
The Perfection of Anna

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The Perfection of Anna (2012)

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Ten-year-old Jesse has watched her mom's modern dance company all her life. To Jesse, beautiful Anna, the company's lead dancer, is just perfect. When Anna suffers a stroke that leaves her left side paralyzed, Jesse witnesses Anna's courageous struggle to reconnect with who she is.

Michelle Kolb, Hilary Thomas, Hannah Berry
Elizabeth Gracen

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scottjhernandez, posted on February 9, 2016

nomikenan, posted on November 9, 2015

Simple, graceful story of renewal, told simply, gracefully. Lovely!

terra0109, posted on September 17, 2014

my 1st Gaiam film. Tears of joy. We each have great potential...let's step into it together ;) Namaste!

tb_big_fish, posted on March 17, 2014

This Is The ( Most Benevolent Outcome) . A great Learning for All .


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