Open Minds: Persecution of Wilhelm Reich with James DeMeo Video
Persecution of Wilhelm Reich with James DeMeo
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Open Minds: Persecution of Wilhelm Reich with James DeMeo (April 2013)

Season 2, Episode 12
Available worldwide

From political intrigue to pushing the boundaries of scientific investigation, Wilhelm Reich left behind a legacy of controversy and conspiracy. It may be that his discoveries have been dismissed unfairly. Research scientist James DeMeo, Ph.D., validates many of the late doctor's findings on orgone (life) energy in this interview with Regina Meredith originally webcast April 2, 2013.

A research scientist and former university professor, James DeMeo, Ph.D. is now director of the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab. His interdisciplinary work focuses on everything from cross-cultural, historical studies on the effects of drought and deserts, the origins of warfare and social violence to laboratory experiments on cosmic cycles and life-energy subjects. He has also done extensive confirming research on Wilhelm Reich's sex-economic and orgone biophysical findings.

Regina Meredith
James DeMeo


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mypetZombi, posted on October 20, 2016

Thank you so much for allowing the truth to be told! Hopefully more people will see this and start demanding an alternative to the poisonous geo-engineering that is killing us and the planet.

darsiramirez, posted on September 1, 2015

Someone at the top of the Orgone field denies the existence of geo-engineering.? His comment, "I don't believe in that kinda stuff" referred to his denial that it is happening. Orgonite makes a positive difference in our skies it produces negative ions which can reverse the positive ions from the trails.

alohamade808, posted on December 18, 2015

He says it's a possibility. He does not dismiss the possible existence of geo-engineering and basically says if it's happening, it's a bad idea.

dretta-love-wisher, posted on August 24, 2015

Hello, take several to LA! ~~ I have built scale modles. Take them to LA!

sonmi, posted on May 9, 2013

A light bulb turn on my head. We humans that are enlighten are manufacturing this life energy in the universe. The stuff narrow minds are trying to figure out. plasma.dark matter, etc. our hearts are pumping it out! wow I get it.

Being, posted on April 5, 2013

If you are having problem viewing Gaiam at times, try other web browsers. Firefox I have issues with but Safari plays Gaiamtv better. Hope that helps. I love what Reich's findings on porn and addictive sex and agree with it. I have known this since adolescence. Nice to hear someone else come up with these findings as well.

Alfreda Weiss, posted on April 3, 2013

Too bad Reich was in the US when the government was hostile to energy research enough to destroy his work and jail him. Today he might be cutting edge in our east/west blend of working with energy and documenting its movements. The caution about using it wisely is noted.

alohamade808, posted on December 18, 2015

Reich's work might have the same reception with the government today as it did when he was alive. There are certain technologies that are not welcome at any time (e.g. free energy, cancer cures) due to the fact that government officials are in the pockets of corporations. If it interferes with the bottom line, someone high up will hear about it and something will be done.

Brent Penzotti, posted on April 3, 2013

I;ve tried to watch this interview 3 times today on two diff. computers and each time i have been cut off. I think the Man is messin with us!. What do you think ?.

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