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Philanthropy, Inc.

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Philanthropy, Inc. (2009)

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When big business meets big charity, the partnership can be very profitable for both. At the same time this modern-day alliance presents interesting ethical questions about the nature of corporate altruism.

Philanthropy Inc. tells the story of this new phenomenon using three case studies involving three of the world’s largest corporations and three of the world’s largest charities. Each story is an example of how the partnership of business and charity can work, and sometimes not work.

Philanthropy, Inc., explores the ethical questions by taking them to the people who know this issue best. We speak to the leaders at the forefront of the movement and examine high profile case studies involving some of North America’s corporate giants like Coca-Cola, Wal-Mart and General Mills.

Jian Ghomeshi
Scott Harper

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nicoleblair.1, posted on October 6, 2013

I couldn't even finish watching it. It paints Wal-Mart as a socially responsible business. REALLY? Propaganda. I live in N.O. Wal-Mart didn't come back for a long time. It does make sense to use their distribution network for good and I applaud that, but when the 6 Wal-Mart heirs are wealthier than 40% of Americans combined - that speaks volumes. Wal-Mart's contribution was like buying lunch for a friend. No big deal!

lesliesfarm, posted on October 4, 2013

This documentary is propaganda. If GaiamTV is different, don't serve up this mainstream crap anymore. Billions donated to Komen and no cure? BS! Who gets the final word on Coke and their abuse in India and elsewhere? Coke, of course. WWF needs a closer look themselves. And Walmart? Give me a break.

I think you folks at Gaiam need to do a lot better when it comes to getting down to the truth. Stop wasting our time with this crap from the powers that be. Ask your top 3 series stars what they think of this travesty.

pete_didy, posted on October 5, 2013

I applaud you! And second the motion!

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