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Psyched: Positive Psychology

Episode 59

Dr. Robert Epstein talks with Dr. Ed Diener professor of psychology at the University of Illinois and one of the leaders in the Positive Psychology Movement about his work and findings. Also in this episode do anxieties increase with age and how to become a psychologist.

Robert Epstein
Dr. Ed Diener


Episode 1 Lies and Liars
Lies and Liars (1/6/2006)
Episode 1
Dr. Robert Epstein welcomes Greg Hartley, an interrogator with the army and author of How to Spot a Liar.
Episode 2 Worrying
Worrying (1/13/2006)
Episode 2
Dr. Robert Epstein introduces the topic of this episode, worrying and talks with Dr. Robert Leahy, Author of The Worry Cure.
Episode 3 Katrina and Jane Seymour
Katrina and Jane Seymour (1/20/2006)
Episode 3
Dr. Robert Epstein tells of a personal account after hurricane Katrina then interviews actress Jane Seymour.
Episode 4 Suffering for Happiness
Suffering for Happiness (3/3/2006)
Episode 4
Dr Robert Epstein addresses his opinion of needing to suffer in order to be happier and talkes with Dr. Ed Diener from the University of Illinois.

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crusnsusn, posted on June 16, 2013

Would love to hear more from Drs. Epstein and Diener! I love this stuff

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