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Cosmic Disclosure: Potential of Human Consciousness (September 2015)

Season 1, Episode 11
Available worldwide

Corey Goode explains that the greatest benefits from the secret space programs may not be the step forward in technological advancement, but the coming giant leap for human consciousness. This is the territory that warring factions vie in order to claim preeminence over our evolution. Ultimately, it is our choice to follow the message of the Blue Avians and advance to higher levels of being, or acquiesce to the forces seeking our subjugation. This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast September 8, 2015.

Subtitles available in English, Deutsche, Português, 中文, Русский, Español.

David Wilcock


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vitreoceo, posted on October 17, 2016

The third eye is an etheric, energetically based sense. The pineal is a gland that regulates sleep and waking states. It is photoreceptive because it is designed to pick up light and release melatonin for sleep. It is a physical gland for physical things. There is nothing about the pineal that suggests in any way that it is in any way tied to the third eye chakra. Once you get beyond trying to find this in the 10,000 things, you can settle into understanding the capacities of the light body. My pineal gland can no more than remote view an apartment building 1,500 miles from me than my physical eyes can. But my etheric or inner senses can. With great aplomb. Please, for as sexy as the pineal is as the topic of discussion as tied to the third eye, please don't. There is NO connection. It was Descarte who originally tried to make the pineal into the seat of the soul and we have been drowning in misinformation ever since. Yes, it has crystals that are piezoelectric, but this is great why? No one is going to be squeezing the liquid surrounding the brain hard enough for any flashes to go off, so why is this important? It's because it isn't. It just sounds cool. And it IS cool, but its not about inner senses.

Awakening is so important for us in order to develop right now. We need clear un-muddled information. The third eye, the third eye chakra, is one very important center that can and has played a role in catalyzing awakening (it did so with me and it did for a number of others who experienced the rise of kundalini/pranic force). The physical body is designed for physical things, and it will mirror consciousness so that when your awareness knows bliss, it will produce all of the chemistry for that state in a micro-second. This is the truly remarkable soul/body connection story here.

If you want to understand your capacity as a realized being, do the work that will release you from your cognitive prison first. Learn about the light body, and learn compassion so that when you do awaken, you can be prepared for the flow of energy that is each of our birth-rights. As long as we keep going round and round with this pineal misinformation, the world remains in the dark.

dchestnut2004, posted on September 10, 2016

This also sounds very much like The Fourth Way, teachings akin to Buddhism but which originated with a teacher from Armenia

brkbendreality, posted on August 31, 2016

I have to disagree with Corey on why movie bad guys are portrayed as more powerful than the good guys. It is NOT a conspiracy it is simply dramatic to have the good guy face impossible odds and then overcome them. It makes a better story.

nzgarretjaxen, posted on August 22, 2016

Abilities or magical power are a side effect of ascension only. True Wisdom and the high vibration thats serves just by being( action in inaction) is a greater prize.

Lanishots, posted on July 10, 2016

Where was you Mother when you were being trained for all this? What did she think you were doing? How did these guys get you away from your family? Didn't you go to school????

accounts26, posted on September 6, 2016

I'd also like to hear Cory answer this question. Where were his parents during all of this? It's the one thing that makes no sense in all this so Cory please address this and answer the question from Lanishots.

globalavenger, posted on June 18, 2016

From "The Aquarian Age Gospel of Jesus" Chapter 92 Verse 12 "Two sturdy asses bind the will of man; their names are Fear and Unbelief. When these are caught and turned aside, the will of man will know no bounds; then man has but to speak and it is done"

this i have 'known' since childhood. thank you and many blessings

artistsuzette, posted on May 30, 2016

The pineal gland is more like a filter and not a 'source' ~ ~ ~ There is a relationship between the 'psychic' and the Cosmos and her guides ~ and also the client who sits for a reading ~ ~ ~ Maintaining this relationship is a large part of what fills an "Intuitive - psychic's" day and night ~ ~ ~ These two episodes are very interesting and important for us ~ ~ ~ Thank you Corey Goode and David Wilcock ~ ~ ~ :)

paigerogers45, posted on March 8, 2016

I LOVE these videos, I am 18 and I have been so lost !!! So confused so mislead by media, school and who knows what else, Cosmic Disclosure is making EVERYTHING in my life make total sense, I want more than anything to learn as much as I can about all this, the TRUTH and learn the true potential of LOVE and LIFE. I just recently created a tinychat room, specifically for talking about these topics called Spiritual Evolution, I would LOVE to hear all the different views on life and learn from others, as a child I was ALWAYS in nature, I LOVED nature, so so much, I got mislead in middle school off track and everything started to go wrong, in 2012 I got extremely ill and saw no light I was in complete darkness until just a few months ago, I finally remembered and saw the light I had forgotten, and I want to go back to living the life of love, light, and mystic, Please join my tinychat if you have time, I have been posting links all over gaia, youtube channels, like gaia planetary station and others hoping souls who understand and are conscious will see, I haven't seen anyone on sense I started it, Please I would LOVE to conversate and learn from others, I know so many of you are ahead of where I am now and I would love to talk and learn from other like minded souls, Please join, I am a artist so often times I will draw for very long and leave the site up while I am drawing hoping someone will join so far no one has, I hope someone sees this and joins at the right time.Also I am not PaigeRogers that is my mom. Much LOVE to ALL!!

paigerogers45, posted on March 8, 2016

How is this spelled I looked online and keep being misdirected.. anyone know?

paigerogers45, posted on March 21, 2016

The link should work.

tommy4, posted on March 6, 2016

too much repetition from one show to the next guys.... love it though!

ladymachado, posted on February 24, 2016

I am going through this series again for the second time. I'm hooked! :-)
I have a question for Corey. Didn't he get any love or affection while in the hands of the space program?
Did he make friends? If so, where are they now?
Thank you so much for your excellent programming!
Thank you David and thank you Corey for your bravery.

Katieskilla, posted on December 31, 2015

If we need to live longer to attain more spiritual growth, does Corey know why some of us seem to regress with older age? Perhaps some insight into Alzheimer's, and also is this why some of the elite insiders are said to want eternal life in their physical bodies?

heather.elliott, posted on November 28, 2015

When we judge another (or ourselves), a piece of our energy gets locked in time and doesn't progress until we release that judgement. A child, for instance, is shamed, grows up believing they aren't good enough - that they are bad somehow. Like a sliver that remains lodged under the skin, this type of self-judgement will remain festering throughout that person's life until they examine it and release it. It's like having one foot nailed down in the past while the rest of you continues on in the journey. You're stuck there until it releases. That's why when there is forgiveness of self, it feels as if time is collapsed - because it is. All of the energy that has been locked up in self-judgement (and the creation of circumstances in their lives that are a reflection of it), is now free in the NOW to create a new. Hence there feels like there is more NOW and less past. Heather Elliott,

art06, posted on November 20, 2015

Corey has so much more to reveal if it were not for the choppiness of the conversation.

clance001, posted on October 24, 2015

As with teaching kids early to develop extraordinary intuitive TK/TP abilities they also have to be trained early to act from love rather than fear. Then creating from love will be easier than creating from fear. Of course the adults have to learn this first.

emovius2, posted on October 3, 2015

A wonderful way to bring forgiveness into your presence is by repeating "I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you." Say it in the order that evokes emotion for you. Think about taking responsibility for absolutely everything in your reality and you'll begin to see the power in this Hawaiian practice. Hugs n Love to all.

pottlelinda, posted on September 28, 2015

I am on episode 13. I have been watching 3 episodes a day sense Sept 17th or so, just to get caught up so I am watching new episodes as the air. This is exciting stuff guys. For years I rarely got the chance to use all my education, my science back ground and love of Anthropology in the same place with my spiritual beliefs. This allows me to be scientifically spiritual. How awesome is that! For me, and people like me, you are reaching us because we have always known this. When I was 8 years old I told my mom I didn't want to hear her Bible stories anymore because that didn't sound like a nice God to me at all. I hated the thought of a Peeping Tom that was watching me go to the bathroom. What was that? One of wrath and Vengeance and making us feel guilty about doing things that naturally felt good to do, just wasn't right with me. So I said , " Thanks no thanks to God and went on my way with my one 'Golden Rule" After all I know how to behave my self. I didn't need you to threaten be to be good. " and I went on about my way. As a child I flew all over and listened to my soul. Throughout my life I have always relied on my guides while life kicked my ass, and they have never failed me. I used to say that I am an Atheist and have nothing to do with religion yet the other half of my experience are very spiritual and can not be ignored. Corey how you are teaching this, where you come from, and your standing, is from a man that is being so true to self . You take your time to speak in a way we all can understand. You don't bombard us with over whelming terms and stay in common language. I could go on and on telling you how well you are teaching so, I am just going to say that "Your doing it right" people who can can fly, to all the little children out there flying, we hear you and it rings true. Thank you David for bringing this to us!! You two are so Brave. Holey Crap think about it. If what you are saying is bull shit you two are toast. So I can't see that ever happening. lol lol But Really Guys..... Your doing it right.

anita3211, posted on September 26, 2015

Has anyone watched the Babylon 5 series? It seems like many of the terms and ideas are the same.

dretta-love-wisher, posted on September 25, 2015

He never mentions parents... only being trained at a very young age.

Katieskilla, posted on December 31, 2015

In a previous episode :)

rat2012, posted on September 21, 2015

My favorite one so far!

Bentinho Massaro and Thomas Huebl are very grounded spiritual teachers giving teachings on how to evolve on towards 4th Density Service to Others. I recommend them. :-)

MasterBE7447, posted on September 20, 2015

The focus and core of telekinesis should be on the peaceful usages of such super-psychic abilities.
The odd fact this video begins talking about such abilities like they're negative, "mortal combat kung fu" war battles.
What you may want to know and be interested about, is that most of these abilities were used and faciliated for reasons of ARCHITECTURE, BUILDING, AND POSITIVELY CONSTRUCTIVE COMPASSIONATE COCREATIVE PURPOSES. The black ops were a small percentage and number who used these abilities for battlesome, negative reasons. The vast majority of telekinetics were discovered by much more benevolent highly advanced interdimensionl secret "builder" programs and extradimensional soul sentient beings.

As someone such as myself who's been in the secret space program and have trained closely with different intrsuctors, teachers, mentors, counseolors, and Tibetan monks, Hindu SwaminiG's. With all of these teachers, mystery schools, govermental ops, and military space programs, I remember for certain, the vast majority of our tk abilities were utilized and hanested for reasons of postively, constructive and cocreatively reasons. We were all trained as empowered and freely thinking (at some times supertelepathically interconnected like a hive mind). We worked closely with those similar to the Avians and other on Earth world extradimensional soulful beings.

What I'm empahsizing, is that there were, still are, and continues to be very positively-loving cocreative projects and secret space programs that were geered towards, truly oriented for very loving-kindness reasons.
Henceforth, the more you can get your mind off of the "hollywood, television, develish-glamourous-superheroics"

I won't reveal anymore of who I am or what projects Ive been apart of (including supersoldier intergalactic initiatives) because. I am in a deeply healing/cosmogensis stage of my life. Especially being affected by "blank-slate technology brain-tampering and odd poisons I were given at the end of my last supersoldier international mission. In the near future, quite soon, I will have much more strength and real, natural, even supergalactic memories returned . Then others like myself who've worked very closely inside the space program.

Thank for whomever read this or considered to read this.
Because after being messed up due to faulty experiments inside of Solar Warden towards my latter term of Galactic League of Nations Sovereign Service, I had to learn how to repair, heal, and advance my DNA despite the damage done to me and my ancestral lineages. It Is So Beautifully Done more eloquently with telekinesis and these other superhuman abilities than you may realize.

Either way, I thank you Coorey Good and David WIlcock, irrefutably and appreciatevely for now being the main expression of more total re-remembering of all that I've been apart of in the Secret Space Program andI am grateful for so much cosmically-superconsciously more. May the beautiful, benevolant, and brilliant cocreations that have come from telekinesis be revealed. Because quite honestly, I humbly and ancestrally know why you'd call to consider it/they as THE BUILDER RACE (in one of your previous episodes)... That time suspension-statis technology is both easy to build in modern days, but difficult to find in the ancient of natural ways. I've visited the many mounds in Cleveland, Ohio... One of these ancient sites for certain is called SERPENT MOUND. In and around Lake Erie there are other underground caverns I've visited, which have confirmed the usage of time-suspension-cryogensis-stasis technology.

The Builder Race, rainbow light body meditation, and so much more has a core-premise in truly benevolent usages of telekinesis. Even with some of these below ground facilities or bases and even the establishments and colonies off world that I recall traveling to, working on, and helping to maintain, were built by advanced trained telekinetic sonic sound alchemist. Hence the word "sonic" does correlated with advancements in sound acoustics and more superior ways of building so many different types of structures with many audibles and octaves of sound, colour, thermadynamics, and much more..

In most case, a lot of the modern day technology has been used in these current off world structures, supergalactic colonies. In rarer cases the ancient, natural technologies have been used for similar irrigation and garden-ecology purposes. For certain, there are much more positive usages and benevolently loving, CoCreative divine purposes for the abilities in varying stages of telekinesis.

Please promote a more accurate disclosure as it relates to the positive attributes and traits that telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation, and other superconscious skills that different superbeings have obtained in the secret space program. True Cosmic Disclosure isn't so deeply engraved in "war" or battling. Its more of the GREATLY PEACEFUL propensities that can be revealed and achieved once there's a greater NEXUS Points of Ascensions for higher percentages of PEOPLE truly Ascending.

Marymarsh000, posted on September 28, 2015

Just wanted to mention to those reading, the serpent mound is not in Cleveland ohio, it is in southern Ohio

pottlelinda, posted on September 28, 2015

I wish you Well

Kerry6, posted on September 22, 2015

First may I express my sincere gratitude and sympathies for all that you have experienced that has been caused for your current healing. May your healing immediate and complete. Your voice, experience and compassion is welcomed and encouraged. I look forward to understanding all that you have experienced. May I extend heartfelt appreciation and recognition for which your experience has gifted humanity with.

In Gratitude, Compassion and Ease

cskylark, posted on September 18, 2015

I am somewhat frustrated by David's interview style of popping so many questions, but not encouraging Corey to elaborate by telling his personal experiences. It seems Corey gets about three sentences only before another non related question is asked of him. Especially with the topic of the Pineal gland and psychic experiences. There must be many actual experiences he could relay and not just say what his teachers taught him. I'm hoping that Corey will begin to offer us more of HIS experiences and that David will create an interview style that facilitates this, such as some simple questions such as, can you give us a personal example of what you experienced as an intuitive, as a telepath, in an actual situation.. Or, how have you used your pineal gland for traveling, gleaning information or astral traveling and remote viewing. I'm hungry for the nitty gritty real life personal revelations from Corey and HIS story. However I am very grateful for all the information that is forth coming. SO THANKS FOR THAT!!! (I'm an aura seeing, psychic who has been doing lightbody activation's via a portrait and clairvoyant healing sessions for individuals for 40 some years. This work leaves me with lots of direct experiences of the light and the dark energy transformations, visitor beings etc. so I'm interested in some of the specifics of what and how Corey has been seeing... and doing, learning and facilitating via his talents and challenges. Thanks!

renatoderesende, posted on October 3, 2015

I agree with you ... David should make Corey speak more than their own experiences...

23Window, posted on September 23, 2015

It would seem that Corey has a lot of information to tell, but DW is only concerned about validating his other whistleblower information. I'm really getting tired of it. Let the guy speak! The one thing that is working for me is that Corey is bringing up terms and words that I've never heard before. After doing searches, it is leading me to listen to other interesting people like Simon Parkes and Tolec. The "alien agenda" seems to be a very complex and convoluted program that is going on with our Earth. It would seem that DW is only scratching the surface. It would be nice to pick a subject and have Corey elaborate on it at his own pace and DW either keep him on track or help him to further bring the info forward, not corroborate what his other contacts are telling him.

peanutbutterfunk49, posted on September 15, 2015

I can't help but get the feeling that there's a lot Corey isn't telling us. It seems he's picked and chosen his words to such an extent it makes me question what he's actually said. I think I may have to watch it again.

chrisenborg, posted on September 15, 2015

Just in case this is helpful, I was getting frustrated for a while regarding how this information is being delivered on Gaiam. I posed questions that Gaiam or whomever chose not to address while they addressed other questions that seemed very benign. I've noticed the interview question/answer style has changed from the beginning. I don't know if this was a natural change in flow or any of the background regarding how they decided to set up Corey and David's show. It seemed they started out very strong with "disclosure" topics and information and then segued into topics that are to condition the viewer in better handling disclosure. But, if you want more then what Gaiam is offering, there are other interviews with Corey with various people, even transcripts of interviews. I found this very helpful in getting a larger picture. One of the conclusions I came to is that Corey does better in disseminating information when he is guided or asked questions rather than just talking about a topic at length. This idea seems to be supported by how David has changed the way he conducts the interview. They've become more of a discussion format that weaves in some of David's investigations. I'm choosing to believe they are doing what they think is right and is most helpful in the long run.

Wendy04, posted on September 15, 2015

Hope tonight's show is about what happening now

holly.webb, posted on September 15, 2015

Love the show. I would like to know much more about how the Cabal will be stopped. I am also very interested in 'The Alliance efforts' to Disclose information to us.

arzciat, posted on September 14, 2015

I just recently stumbled upon via different routes towards the announcement of an event that will supposedly happen next Sept. 23th, 2105

Do you have anything to say about this event David? Given that this would happen next week, please include something about it next week.

Don't remember where I saw, but if you type 09/23/2015 in google earth, it now pops out "CERN" and "NY Stock Exchange"

Here's another good link that explains a lot of that:

Let's pray to bring in the light in spite of being bewildered with the negative agenda. I'm afraid spreading this adds more wood to the fire...

- See more at:

mnamias, posted on September 14, 2015

Thank you Corey and David for sharing such important information! Could you speak about healing technologies within the scope of the SSP? How is all that people kept healthy? Thank you !

tlroutley, posted on September 14, 2015

Thank you both, Corey and David. I have physical issues that cause pain and exhaustion and difficulty concentrating, but these issues have helped me because when I listen to your informative Cosmic Disclosure shows, I have had to slow down and really listen to what is not only being said, but what is not being said as well. It seems to me that you, Corey,have to weigh each answer you give David and us, for so many huge reasons, and that you want us to really see the truth you say without adding personal ego issues into the mix. ( Please forgive me as I can't type what I want to say, already I have pressed the wrong buttons twice and lost my message.)
Most important to me is the unspoken message I read in your countenances, it is something like, 'please don't read any other than the truth I am trying to get across to you all.' I see and hear more than that but it is unspoken. If we multitask, we miss these nuances. Even health troubles are our way to ascending. I am grateful for the huge service you all have mad e for us to receive this information.
I love your pace here, it is perfect. Most grateful!
Grace and Peace to everyone here~

fredoverdorp, posted on September 13, 2015

Dear David ,are You able to ask Corey point blank-face to face,if he has xperience or knowledge with cures for Cancer-Alzheimer-Diabetes??

bala.sacredground, posted on September 13, 2015

Very cool show. We should not however, fear nor be impressed by the way force is used to shape and throw energy around. It is far more difficult to use the power of heart intelligence to alter ALL energy for the better or in a "beauty way". yes, it's possible to use telekinesis to kill/destroy life/things, however it's ever so limited in its scope. Most humans are oblivious when it comes to working with energy. Cultivating focus, breathwork, presence, heart intelligence and non-verbal compassionate communication skills, are all crucial to working in a powerful yet humble manner with heart energies. There are many heart centered principles to use when it comes to working effectively with oppositional energies that have the ability to destroy. Spiritual evolution involves cellular evolution. The extremely difficult path to walk Corey refers to, involves character development that allows energies to be congruent through pathways of the heart. These energy pathways are true to nature. We can always trick ourselves into thinking that hurtful, destructive energies do not pass through us while projecting. That which comes from us must be met by us, because we need to meet ourselves eventually. Karma.

23mentality, posted on September 13, 2015

What a nice comment, I spend time looking at comments because of people like you. :) word up

maialynda, posted on September 12, 2015

I (an alter) used to be both a TP and TK at Montauk. So, at least in my case, these being mutually exclusive was not true to some extent. The TK part leaked through to the waking self and got a bit out of control. The TP was more controllable at the time and I regretted what I did with it. I wanted both gone, so, I(the other I) had to be retrained and have it made dormant. The TK went dormant and the TP was weakened. Now I'm not much of either for the moment

MasterBE7447, posted on September 20, 2015

Seems quite of a similar case of what I've been through too. Yet I wasn't working with/on Montauk. I was a Supersoldier, still am in my own right. These abilities have gone dorment. Yet some times they're more actively noticeable then others. One of the last major trainings I received while on an off world facility was how to turn the DNA on and off, abilities ON, abilities OFF with natural forms of breathing. In most cases, the abilities are now forced turned off due to the uncontrollable issues that happened towards the latter part of my supersoldier assignments. It was a difficult task to attempt the teleportational-sound acoustic training they were putting me through because its end result was devastating war. I couldn't be apart of the program anymore because I started a revolt against the superiors running the program in the Caribbean. I wasn't dischaged for that revolt, but I was put on odd medicines to suppress my abilities and they put me through a blank-slate technology de-conditioning programming... In the first 3 years after my discharged date, I synchronistically found some Montauk members in some of my journeys who were also healing from bad wounds or traumatic PTSD symptoms. They seemed positive enough that they were going to heal and get better, but they all had a remorse of regret about them which I couldn't understand. I didn't really know what they went through because it was different than my secret space program assignments and mystery school involvements.

jhershierra, posted on September 12, 2015

You are buying into the old belief systems the dark and those 'Ra Teachings" want you to believe... that you need the dark to grow. WRONG! Let me give you someone who is ' teaching THE LIGHT' and I suggest you read his book, watch his videos here on GaiamTV and attend some of his workshops.
Dr. Joe Dispenza:
Here is a wonderful lecture by him:

You can grow and create a new brain and new reality WITHOUT the dark. By rewiring your brain into joyful, positive, peaceful, creative thoughts and emotions you can create an amazing life for yourself. HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE HAVE BEEN HEALED- Who have you healed? Have you Transformed anyone's life? Maybe you have but honestly ' disseminating this kind of information' like on these videos - does not bring the higher vibrational light into the world, does not heal, and does not help people grow. This Corey series rather ' feeds the ego' . Yes the dark exists, but if you change your reality they no longer are a part of your reality. If a certain number of people changed their brains and reality the entire reality would shift. This is all an illusion... we have bought into, change your mind, change your reality.

Dr. Dispenza is BRING IN THE GOLDEN AGE, helping people become enlightened, healing people and empowering people..... Do you actually think this negative SPACE PROGRAM knows ANYTHING about ' Rainbow Bodies'? Please... none of this information helps people gain higher vibrations or transcend this reality. its just More of the Same Ego Addictions to conflict and polarity.... time to move on guys.....

23mentality, posted on September 13, 2015

I completely agree as in real life there is no application of the dark contrarily to what some people think. I used to think so as well and just ended up very bipolar.

jhershierra, posted on September 13, 2015

There are HUNDREDS of stories of Healing and Transformation in Dr Joe Dispenzas Research - Healings for life threatening diseases, incurable diseases, horrible emotions pains and trauma, every imaginable pain and suffering miraculously healed.

Let me tell you one story that happened here in Houston at our Unity Church. Dr Joe was doing a meditation with this large audience on the last day of his workshop and many people had spontaneous healings. However there was this one lady and her 14 year old boy sitting near the front who were German and who were living in South America and her husband his father had been wrongfully accused of a crime and had been imprisoned for 5 years.

During the meditation - it is a process of reprogramming your mind and creating a new reality and this is at the end of the week workshop , you must attend these progressive and advance workshops to understand however all of his videos here and online you can begin the process yourself. this is NOT about visualization which has been proven ineffective - you cant just use your ' mind to imagine' you have to engage your emotions and you have to ' use your sensory skills and higher spiritual skills'. ITS ABOUT COMMANDING MATTER IN THE QUANTUM FIELD and what you command as ' the wave and spirit' manifest as matter and particle in physical reality.

During this meditation towards the end you begin to ' create your new reality' and this is after you have release your negative programs earlier .... long story. During the meditation this lady and her boy were altering the reality of their lives by projecting a NEW future into the PRESENT MOMENT and seeing their husband /Father FREED from prison.

Right after the meditation the lady jumped from her chair and ran out of the church auditorium. Dr Joe was up front listening to peoples healing stories and he saw the young 14 year old boy.... HIS SHIRT WAS SOAKED WITH TEARS and he then saw the woman who had ran out of the building. He asked them what happened.

They had been ' in South America' in THEIR INNER WORLD FREEING THEIR LOVED ONE....during the meditation. Right after the meditation the wife got a phone call and it was Her Husband. He said ' I DONT KNOW WHAT JUST HAPPENED BUT THE GUARDS CAME IN AND FREED ME FROM PRISON, I AM FLYING OUT OF HERE, I AM FREE TO GO. ' He was given his passport and belongings back and allowed to leave.

THAT'S THE POWER OF BELIEF AND THE POWER OF YOUR TRUE SELF - YOU CAN CREATE ANY LIFE YOU WANT..... Believe it.... there are lots of real spontaneous healings....Dr Joe documents them with scientific devices and monitoring and also medical documents .

The whole reason I bring this man up - is in response to Corey and David's belief that you have to live with the negative side of life...that there is no other way to grow. This is what I challenge everyone to question.... if you can Believe in infinite possibilities and realities- you can believe in a life filled with joy, peace, growth and creativity without torture, pain, manipulation, domination, competition, fear and suffering.

I would ask... CAN WE NOT BRING IN HEALING AND TRANSFORMATION? I feel David that would be a better way to use your energy and enormous talent. Many Blessings ~ Jhershierra

djraymack, posted on September 12, 2015

I must agree with you on your point that people do not need the dark. Joe Dispenza's work is fantastic as well. However, there is a misinterpretation in your perception of what is being discussed. The words "dark" or "negative" are just place holders for polarities of the same energy. Within this existence you must admit that the ones being considered to be "dark" and to do "bad things" create events and situations where people who are loving and like to serve others are given the opportunity to further evolve down the path of peaceful positive inclinations. Think of all the wonderful souls who have "woken up" and gone on to lead peaceful positive lives after experiencing horrific events.

When listening to this material and all material of this nature it is most helpful to think from a non-dualistic point of view. All things are energy and are promoting the positive evolution of humanity, the universe and the creator. Your post saying that these people are wrong also further adds to the concept of separation. If all things are truly one... who cares what terms are used? The underlying message and information is of a peaceful and positive nature with positive intentions. Some people do not view the universe as "one" energy yet though so sometimes words like "dark" and "bad" are necessary terms to help them get on the right path. They are also useful in helping people identify the different elements that construct the negative and the positive which can lead to seeing how both negative and positive actions can be identified in their own lives and help them move towards being more positive eventually.

If you have read the law of one series you would know that they never actually say service to self or "dark" is bad. They use the word negative because it is opposite to service to others "positive". Both are seen to help in self discovery on the path towards unity as the creator explores itself in an infinitude of manifestations and polarities. The universe does not distinguish between self and other self since both lead to further knowledge of oneness.

I think you would enjoy the Law Of One Series from Ra. If you read them you would understand what is being discussed here and realize that you agree and are saying the same thing but with different words or "labels". I don't believe in the "dark"... and also agree that focusing on it is not good as it leads to separation. One must see the dark as just another form of energy that helps push us towards more positively inclined evolution. Thus, there is no dark... or light... only love and oneness. Instead of ignoring what is considered to be "dark" or "bad"... look more deeply into it and see the good that can come from it... view it as a catalyst for further good and then dark is transmuted to good and all things "good" or "bad" become the same energy which further pushes us towards loving positivity and enlightenment.

jhershierra, posted on September 13, 2015

DJRAYMACK - I have read that series and while some things I can rationally accept, there are many other statements they make which I do not accept. I do not believe that information is pure, many things feel contaminated and filled with hidden agendas.

My reason for using the word WRONG in my original post is not to judge - it is to state this: WE LIVE IN INFINITE POSSIBILITIES AND INFINITE REALITIES THEREFORE WE CAN IF WE WISH FIND A POSSIBILITY OR REALITY THAT IS LOVING, KIND AND SUPPORTIVE GROWTH WITHOUT THE NEED FOR PAIN AND SUFFERING. We are in TRANSITION...from living in Discord to living in Harmony. During this time of course. everyone has had pain and suffering and people are growing from the lessons of that. This is THE OLD PROGRAM but that program is Breaking Down and NEW Programs are Being introduced.

Dr Dispenza is BLOWING AWAY THE OLD PARADIGM, ask those who have been healed from cancer, incurable diseases and all manner of horrific experiences in their lives which they healed. The Law of One does NOT HEAL, it is a mental construct to keep us a prisoner of the past.

I am offering a ' different view' into the mix... to allow for Creative Thinking. Creative Ideas from the Whole of Us who are Gathered Here... Creates New avenues for new programs of Consciousness. Perhaps Corey needs to do this series to heal his own past and offer a way to inform others of what he has been through. We all have pain and suffering, we all have hidden parts inside ourselves and we all have done destructive things. He is a mirror of our own inner self both hidden and courageous. But this is THE OLD PROGRAMMING and to heal it we must TRANSFORM IT.

I Choose to Believe in Infinite Realities and Possibilities... Therefore I Choose to Believe that I can Heal Myself and Transform Myself into a Loving, Open, Creative Being without Pain and Suffering. Therefore as a Result of My Inner World Connected to The Infinite.... THE OUTER WORLD BECOMES WHAT I BELIEVE.

My Suggestion Here is to TRY and Believe You Can Live in a Reality and World Without the FALSE SELF. All Darkness or Negativity is just the FALSE EGO we have created to Hold Up a Reality of Pain, Suffering, competition, lack and disharmony. Unity is NOT about integrating all our shadow False Self its about CLOSING THE GAP between OUR TRUE SELF and our False Self. by throwing away the OLD MINDSET and Beliefs and Creating a New Ones. If You Want to See a Golden Age You Must Become the NEW HUMAN. ` DARE TO BELIEVE

eco1, posted on September 12, 2015

While I share some of JH's questions about the necessity of "darkness" on any depth, dimension or reality, she makes too many assumptions that are based on her own experiences. Her suggestions are useful, and it still would be wise in preparation for any Event to be able to tolerate conflicting points of experience and align with a more basic Truth that may be underscoring these apparent contradictions. Dispenza is but one of many fine teachers out there. Human experience is too vast to be contained in any one philosophy, especially those of the New Age type. One who puts down potentially benign teaching with comments like: "...none of this information helps people gain higher vibrations or transcend this reality... just more of the same ego addictions to conflict and polarity... WRONG! ...This Corey series rather "feeds the ego'." seem to be creating more of the discord, divisiveness and polarity she claims are not necessary in three-D. Dispenza has the truth -- a partial one, which at some point may mesh well the Ra and other material, which I also question.

JH brings strong, emotionally-laden language with her enthusiasm to share what has worked for her. No one path works for everyone, and the ancient wisdom traditions have never ignored the problem of evil but have studied it and learned to integrate their inner Shadow content, part of all human nature, with the rest of themselves to bring Enlightenment states which are not always permanent anyway. It has sometimes been said that those who deny the dark are themselves run by it, despite aspirations and practices to the contrary. Those with forty or more years serious training in traditions time tested over thousands of years, such as the Vajrayana Buddhist who gives a detailed post below, have a much more grounded, broad and probably more accurate perspective to share. For me, holding Dispenza's studies in mind with those of equally achieved colleagues who disagree with him is the way to proceed. Red flags are raised when someone shares content as searingly judgmental as that above.

Everything on GAIAM and all other media needs to be questioned, including this post. Critical thinking questioning dogma (New Age or any Fundamentalist type -- corporatist, scientific, academic, all of it) is the basic energy safeguard against the toxin of cultic group-think in which the world now finds itself . A strong background in cultic studies and emergence from cultic experiences is mandatory protection in the info/disinfo PTSD-breeding minefields. Never assume you're not being played. Research and experience with love and courage. The intent is love. Of course we can always work with upgrading our wiring, and should. Cultic thinking and any dogma feeds the false light throughout history. We have a chance to practice ourselves out of this for good with a mass awakening of clear thinking and benign intent and action always, regardless of Disclosure outcomes. Knowing that as Infinite Beings we still each live valid and partial truths while still nested in the Universal is a lot of work and not for the faint-hearted. Blessings to all who sacrifice for the Truth.

jhershierra, posted on September 12, 2015

Ecoartist1 Dr Dispenza is not New Age. He has more scientific research than any person I have seen, besides that... he has documented healings over and over again that are measured and lasting with hundreds of people. Thousands of people are radically changing their lives based on scientific principles and putting the WORK IN to CHANGE their reality. He is demonstrating THE NEW HUMAN. The New Human Lives from the INSIDE OUT, he is PURE CAUSE. His body is no longer a prisoner of his negative programs so he does not generate karma. Instead people are living their TRUE SELF and their highest potentials. This is not taking away from older traditions but this is a NEW DAY and there are NEW understandings that are working for everyday people...they dont have to live in a monastery for 70 years. Normal people are healing serious diseases and changing their lives ... all without needing dark forces to persecute and harass them.

My feeling about David is that he is off track with this Disclosure and Cosmic Disclosure series. You may label me anything you want if you think I am judgmental so be it. In my view I think He apparently has not learned from his other mistake where he got so involved with intrigue, deceptions, dark cabal, space programs ... yada yada... and he got burned on a few occasions, posted all over the internet. I would think that would have told him to ' stay away' from DRAMA , intrigue , conspiracies and dark stuff... but here he is again... repeating the past... hence I suggested Dr. Dispenza to help him eliminate these old programs that are part of his identity. I started watching his ' Wisdom Teachings" which I feel are valuable. but now he has ventured off into this ' old stuff again' with cabals and Illuminati and whatever conflict he can focus on...and this will only lead him into more trouble and ANOTHER learn .

These programs are not helpful in my opinion... you may have a different view. This is an open discussion. Some people love all this drama and intrigue. I dont find any value in what is being presented, I know many people find it valuable and that's fine and of course we have many viewpoints. I am just coming from a different ' space' in my growth and this is just the same old drama in a different package.

I mention Dr. Dispenza because I have decades of being a spiritual seeker to improve myself and become a better person and by far he is the very best I have ever seen for helping everyday people heal and transform. Miracles are happening everyday in his work.

Its really not about integrating the dark side - in my opinion. Its about ' reprogramming your beliefs' and realizing that ' your inner world, thoughts and feelings' create your outer reality. Yes many have said that... but now ' people are understanding it and healing". They dont have to ' integrate their demons or the outer demons...they simply VANISH in the light of Joy Peace and Balance. When you become ' the Creator" you Create What you Want and are not a victim of ' other people's reality or a victim of your own unconscious or dark programs. Programs of dark that we are not aware of, once we focus LIGHT on them and ' do the work' THEY VANISH. Integrate is not really a word I see in this NEW WORK that is being done... the correct understanding is that the old patterns and programs ' vanish' they cease to exist because you create a new reality. Its a different way to look at the world. Of course people are most welcome to keep their demons and believe they are helpful and here to push us to grow... I just see ' infinite possibilities' and therefore a different reality where we ' choose' what we want to become. I am not claiming to be void of any negativity but I can tell you since working with Dr. Dispenza huge amounts of old programming has simply vanished. Layers are gone after decades....

jiblet42, posted on September 12, 2015

Beloveds David and Corey,

Thank You with All My Heart.

Eternal Love ♥ Jilly

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