Powerful: Energy for Everyone Video
Powerful: Energy for Everyone

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Powerful: Energy for Everyone (2010)

Only available in United States

Powerful showcases the remarkable achievements and inspiring examples of people and communities pursuing a path of conservation and renewable energy. It explores the obstacles they encounter and introduces power players with an interest in maintaining the status quo. Powerful is about reclaiming – or discovering for the first time – the power to do more and be more and to work within a community to accomplish more together.

Who controls our energy supply and who has the power to decide which energy path to pursue? How can people and communities generate more of their own energy needs, create more jobs and income, and improve human and environmental health in a way that energizes them in the process? And how will this quest for greater energy security and autonomy contribute to an important power shift that ultimately helps build a more just, equitable and healthy society and democracy? These are the key questions explored in this important documentary.

David Chernushenko

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lesliesfarm, posted on December 31, 2013

I am glad to see that some in the green movement have become aware of what the big corporations will do to a local sustainable energy project. However, they seem like children trying to teach other children how to drive an automobile - when they clearly don't have all the facts. We DO need to change the way we use power on this planet. But, in order to do that we need to change who has the power. Do these "experts" know about the existence of "free energy". What would they be promoting if they knew that these same "bigs" have suppressed and murdered those who discover devices to put clean energy into the hands of individuals. The piles of dead birds, which are at the base of many wind power generators are never mentioned. The electro-magnetic field effect on people who are living beneath the solar collectors, is not addressed either. Find some videos that wake people up to the reality of power generation. These well-meaning folks are asleep!

Quat6, posted on December 7, 2013

mariangain, posted on November 28, 2013

I am also frustrated by the inability to watch this video as I live in Canada, but am a fellow member of this planet.
If this movie promotes wind turbines, then it is biased and hasn't accounted for the illness that people are experiencing if they live close by. Utility companies have a vested interest in promoting half baked solutions. Look to Tesla and many other inventors who were working on real viable solutions. Most were persecuted, reputations destroyed, bought out or murdered. Look at the Breakthrough Energy Conference for ideas and solutions. There are no limitations to accessing this information. Just type it into your search engine.

Phyllisa, posted on August 30, 2012

Can't review because not allowed to watch it in Canada - its country of origin!
This policy needs to be changed asap...

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