Powerful Handstands Video
Powerful Handstands

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Powerful Handstands

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In this short sequence, Nico Luce focuses on preparing the body to go upside down. We’ll warm up the core, open the hamstrings and stabilize the shoulders and the wrists to enjoy this great arm balancing pose.


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jackienett75, posted on February 12, 2016

Thank you so much i didn't even want to practices this morning i kept saying i had no time
it was a fun quick 17 minutes and changed my perspective for the day
some very powerful words you used in the video i hope i remember them
they were amazing insights on life

nicoluce, posted on February 12, 2016

You made my day with your comment @JACKIENETT75.
Don't worry about the words, the teachings will be with you for ever.

teecomb, posted on June 17, 2014

This is a very accessible video for those that might shy away from handstand. I appreciated practicing the way to hold the shoulders in the air, and the tips on engaging the core. Along with the visualizations... I will be returning to this video again until I get handstand :)

nicoluce, posted on March 19, 2014

@alicewatsonsmith That's the spirit, Alice. "Practice and all will come". Good luck!

alicewatsonsmith, posted on March 19, 2014

Your headstand video got me doing headstands.... and I know with a bit more practice this handstand video will get me into handstands. I can't wait! Thank you!

spinbud, posted on February 22, 2014

I was scared...then I did it! x

NikoleA, posted on January 24, 2014

I love Nico! One of my favorite teachers!!

Lennymm, posted on January 22, 2014

hand stands are not my forte, by with all the tips I got today Ill be practicing - Thanks

nicoluce, posted on January 22, 2014

@CherryBlossom I would recommend you to kick up to the wall with your feet about two feet from your hands, this way you can get some momentum. Good luck!

OmAmy, posted on January 22, 2014

i put these in my favourites! thank you

flexiblecat, posted on January 22, 2014

New approach to handstands. This will help me to master the handstand.. one day. Thank you , Nico, so good to see you here!

yogagrammie, posted on January 21, 2014

I added the handstand videos to my favorites! I am making progress!!! Practice makes great arm balances and inversions! Namaste :)

sveltshel, posted on January 21, 2014

I'm going to bookmark this one and keep trying!

Faunia2, posted on January 21, 2014

Nico's teaching is just wonderful: headstand is the pose that makes me scared, but with the various integration and visualisation tips he gave, I trust I will attempt it, and actually have fun with it.

judylynn61, posted on January 21, 2014

just loved it!

judylynn61, posted on January 21, 2014

just loved it!

yogiibee, posted on January 21, 2014

Thank you for the great instruction Nico! It's great to learn variety in ways to get into handstand, my shoulders felt very strong. :)

kathyslp, posted on January 21, 2014

My favorite part was..."the journey is the most rewarding"

kathyslp, posted on January 21, 2014

I will definitely practice this at least one time a week. Perfect instruction! Thanks, Nico

Laneys22, posted on January 21, 2014

Still working towards it- thanks for the tips! Going to add it as you suggested every few days. Namaste!

Deblynn, posted on January 21, 2014

I'm so glad to finally have a tutorial specifically for handstands. This is one of my goals. Thank you!

RReutzel, posted on January 21, 2014

I was not able to do the actual handstands at the end due to some wrist pain, but I enjoyed watching the end of the video for instruction and inspiration. Does anyone have suggestions on how to get past tendonitis in the wrists (caused by the frequent pressure we put on our wrists in yoga)?

tappin1, posted on January 21, 2014

I have a habit of sticking my ribs out. When I pull them in it works. Thank you for the integration of this pose.

coleen.cheers, posted on January 21, 2014

Great instructions. I love handstands!

CherryBlossom, posted on January 21, 2014

handstand is definitely the pose that scares me the most and these two videos made them accessible and fun. I had one question, I can come up with my feet on the wall with ease. However when I try to come up from down dog to have my heals rest on the wall (how I come into headstand), because my hamstrings are very flexible I can walk into a forward bend easily while on my hands. Therefore, I don't feel like I have good leverage to kick up into the pose. Any suggestions? Thank-you so much!

pennyspicerocks, posted on January 21, 2014

Thank you for the guidance and I will make sure to keep working at it. Excellent instructions. Thank you.

BeutifulBlacRose, posted on January 21, 2014

is this day 2 videos bc only 1 is downloading to my ps3

chawnduback, posted on January 21, 2014

This was a good introduction to hand stands for me.

Argel, posted on January 21, 2014

Thank you for your wonderful instructions! I will keep working at handstands and will remember to have fun!

RubyDiamond, posted on January 21, 2014

Fun! It's is indeed. Adds more spark in my mood. Love it ;-) thanks Nico.

jolieamo, posted on January 21, 2014

Thanks Nico! This was a great reminder that foundation is key. Power is not force! :)

yogagrammie, posted on January 21, 2014

Thank you so much Nico! I am getting so much out of this challenge and am improving on my inversions and arm balances. I have been struggling with hand stands and I see now I have not had a decent foundation on which to build. I tried it again after watching the video and woo hoo! I'm up! Thanks again! Namaste :)

yourcloud, posted on January 21, 2014

Handstands are one of my challenge poses - I really loved the instructions reminding me to build it from the foundation. I'll keep practicing!

eleonela, posted on January 21, 2014

I've done this one several times before and every time I find something new. Very helpful

nicoluce, posted on December 16, 2013

@Drakenix All the best, remember to be patient and not to give up.

Drakenix, posted on December 14, 2013

Thanks for the wonderful instruction. I'm just starting on my handstands and this will be a great help.

nicoluce, posted on December 4, 2013

@missliss You got the point! The Tao Te Ching puts it this way: "Acting without expecting". Big hug

missliss, posted on December 4, 2013

My goal is to do a handstand, but thank you for reminding me that isn't not the final pose that matters, it's the journey. It helps me be compassionate and thoughtful to myself and honoring my body and purpose.

tbethune, posted on October 28, 2013

Yogi Amy B brought this to our class in Novi, MI. Stellar!

nicoluce, posted on September 22, 2013

@jayoga sorry for the delay in my answer. There is no problem with having an arch in the back while doing handstands, in fact some variations go into a full back-bend like in scorpion. Now, if you feel you are collapsing into your lower back then you need to work your core to stabilize it like I show in the video. Try finding the "neutral spine" before you go up and maintain it throughout the transition into the pose. Good luck with it!

tappin1, posted on September 22, 2013

Thank you nico, I will practice this way until I get the handstand!
You are so right the journey is the reward, not the pose.

SriMummyDaddy, posted on September 22, 2013

thats really wonderful, thankyou so much

Hvaidyanathan, posted on September 21, 2013

Hey Guys, This video does not load for me! Could you check if something is going on here? Thanks

Zenigma, posted on September 21, 2013

What a humbled instructor! I m not in the level of doing handstand yet. Your short sequence that approaches the handstand was wonderful. Great instruction and teaching of wisdom. Thank you!

acroyogamonkey, posted on August 4, 2013

practicing handstands is good for me. this video has a lot of stretches in the beginning then the handstand practice. I love the instructors knowledge and wisdom. he always has such good messages that help in life

kulwantchalotra, posted on June 25, 2012

I am doing Hand Stand since the age of 5, This may be first amazing video, I have seen truly devoted to Hand Stand.

GaFez, posted on May 31, 2012

Thank you for the excellent teaching. I am adding more yoga to my P90X practice to be able to better perform the movements in P90X2. Your videos have allowed me to perform both my yoga practice and P90X practice at a much higher level - especially important at 56 years old!

jayoga, posted on April 6, 2012

famdaveydossey = fantastic. my back is an arch, what advise would you give me, becaze when i did it i went straght into the handstand crab.

parkplaceyoga, posted on March 29, 2012

I enjoyed the video. Well instructed. Thanks!

Manja, posted on March 29, 2012

Thanks a lot :-)

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