Prenatal Precautions Video
Prenatal Precautions

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Prenatal Precautions

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Watch this short talk with Jennifer More to become aware of the do's and don'ts of prenatal yoga. Although yoga is considered a safe form of exercise during pregnancy every body is different and there are some things to be aware of before beginning your prenatal yoga classes. This talk also includes a workshop on how to perform Prenatal Chaturanga properly.

Also read Jennifer's Prenatal Precautions article before starting any classes.  


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lcneiny, posted on September 11, 2013

@perezdefransius I realize you posted this a little while ago, but I've recently been introduced to the book "The Honest Life" by Jessica Alba. I was skeptical at first but I like the information she has in there about holistic living, and there's lots on pregnancy and babies. I had the opportunity to use some of the Honest Co.'s products while I was visiting a friend and I am pleasantly surprised with how they work. If you've come across any other resources I'd love to hear them :)

lcneiny, posted on September 11, 2013

Thanks for the great tips, I'll have to remember the downward dog precautions as I get closer to my third trimester! Is there a reason you can't continue doing "regular" chaturanga pose? My belly isn't so large that it hits the floor when I lower from a high plank position.

perezdefransius, posted on May 3, 2013

Thanks for the information! Does anyone have any recommendations on yogi-friendly, holistic, green websites for pregnancy and parenting? Is there anything like The Bump for yogis?

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