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The Message in Music: Privilege

Episode 24

Micah Rubenstein talks about privilege and how it plays out in our lives as well as the difference between rights and privilege. He supports this with the following music selections: Why Can't the English? from My Fair Lady, Pomp & Circumstance March #1 by Edward Elgar, Gee, Officer Krupke from West Side Story, The theme from the movie The Firm, the theme from Apollo 13, Scherzo from Midsummer's Night Dream, Fanfare for the Common Man by Aaron Copland.

Micah Rubenstein


Episode 1 Beginnings
Beginnings (1/21/2006)
Episode 1
Michah Rubenstein introduces the theme of the show as beginnings.
Episode 2 Resolutions
Resolutions (1/28/2006)
Episode 2
The theme of this episode is Resolution.
Episode 3 Beauty of the Peoples
Beauty of the Peoples (2/11/2006)
Episode 3
The topic of the episode is Beauty of the Peoples and Micah Rubinstein introduces it by playing Bugler’s Dream and Olympic Fanfare and Theme.
Episode 4 Generative Power
Generative Power (2/18/2006)
Episode 4
Micah Rubinstein introduces the theme of Generative Power by opening with I Won’t Grow Up from Peter Pan.

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