Programming the Nation? Video
Programming the Nation?

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Programming the Nation? (2012)

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According to many authorities, since the late 1950s subliminal content has been tested and delivered through all forms of media, at an increasingly alarming rate. The filmmakers examine the purported uses, influences and potential subconscious side-effects of what's going on beneath the surface of advertising, film, music and political propaganda.

This socially relevant documentary not only traces the history of this phenomenon, but seeks to determine the validity and potential threat that may or may not exist. Are we all part of an elaborate scheme that has been programming the nation? Decide for yourself.

John B. Alexander, Richard Beggs, Nick Begich
Jeff Warrick

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bereshbp, posted on April 23, 2016

Stuff like this is in its way better for me than strict documentary programming ... not so "curious" anymore for the other stuff. I lived through practically all those musical eras!

dbgate, posted on March 21, 2016

With digital media -- the ability to layer subliminal messages and images and target specific groups and individuals is greatly expanded. and, it is the children amongst any generation who are the most vulnerable.

The good news is subliminal programming (unlike programming done with a combination of torture, drugs, hypnosis . . .) is relatively unstable (even the entrainment of brainwaves) -- once you become aware of it. The best way to overcome it, imo, is to know what you want and what you are willing or not willing to do or be to get it.

I agree with some of the thoughts expressed at the end about taking back our world -- together building a future we actually want to live in.

Rajah, posted on March 16, 2016

This video features some quite disturbing images and I would like to have been prepared for that.

cedguru, posted on March 15, 2016

We are so messed up? If I had no duties to anyone to stay where I am, I would live in a hut somewhere remote. I would eat what I found and drink spring water. Or something like that. I would love to live like the artist Tasha Tudor. Subliminal or not, we are definitely being led by the nose, dragged down the primrose path to bankruptcy.

Looking very hard at Ubuntu.

lynn19, posted on March 25, 2016


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