Above and Beyond: Psychic Attack: Are You a Victim? Radio
Psychic Attack: Are You a Victim?
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Above and Beyond: Psychic Attack: Are You a Victim?

Episode 6

Astrologist and psychic Elizabeth Joyce of www.new-visions.com believes that everyone has intuitive gifts and answers questions from callers about future plans, careers, and relationships. She is the author of Psychic Attack Are You a Victim? and also discusses creating a vision board during the new moon.

Laura Smith
Elizabeth Joyce


Episode 1 Astrological Answers
Astrological Answers (3/12/07)
Episode 1
Susan Miller of astrologyzone.com answers listeners’ questions with astrological answers.
Episode 2 Psychic Readings
Psychic Readings (3/13/07)
Episode 2
Dr. Lauren Thibodeau, psychic and counselor, gives readings for callers.
Episode 3 How to Connect to Your Intuition
How to Connect to Your Intuition (3/14/07)
Episode 3
Tony LeRoy shares how to connect to your intuition.
Episode 4 Anna Nicole Smith's Death
Anna Nicole Smith's Death (3/15/07)
Episode 4
Dr. Carmen Hara, psychologist & intuitive counselor talks of Anna Nicole Smith's death.

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realjb2, posted on October 15, 2013

no control bar for volume, or sliding minutes into the interview. audio cleared after 2minutes.but had reverb metalic sound to background which continued as the interviewer was speaking.
no additional choice pictures in the gallery that was below the playing screen, just titles.
Most important is no control bar to move forward in interview.

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