The Puzzle of the Kensington Runestone Video
The Puzzle of the Kensington Runestone

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The Puzzle of the Kensington Runestone (2012)

Only available in Canada, United States

The Kensington Runestone is a 200-pound slab of greywacke covered on its face and sides with runes. The authenticity of this world-renowned object is as hotly debated today as it was on the stone's discovery in the heart of the USA in 1888.

Did a Viking expedition penetrate to the region where it was found a hundred years before Columbus reached America? If the Kensington Runestone is genuine, a great many history books will need to be rewritten!

The search for the truth takes this documentary on a journey peopled by Vikings and American Indians, scientists and cowboys. Scholars in Scandinavia and the United States alike are still undecided as to whether the Kensington Runestone is authentic or nothing but a cleverly conceived hoax.

English, Norwegian with English subtitles

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margaret.moonrose, posted on September 23, 2016

I followed his show and was always convinced he knew his science. There is no reason why the seafaring vikings couldn't make it to the interior of the northern US. It isn't that hard to believe. I still think there is a deviousness of the ones who want to say it isn't true.

dreamdust38, posted on March 26, 2016

It really is silly that we still teach the arrogant 1800's science that we do. There is so much evidence that our history here in the Americas is so different. I don't think Columbus got lost like we are told. I think he knew exactly where he was going. Come rob the riches of the Americas for the monarch.

lesliesfarm, posted on February 2, 2016

The academics belong to a religion. That is what science has become. The ordinary American people in the story are no different from those who have saved their own lives or the lives of others, using natural methods and not listening to their Doctors, who want poison them rather than admit that their whole "scientific" club is wrong. They are not interested in accurate history. They are concerned with singing the party line and saving their jobs. I am very tired of these "repeaters". Vague details, of that particular artifact, are not really the point. The Lewis and Clark document and the Indigenous gentleman who told the story of his blonde, blue-eyed ancestors are more important than one single artifact.

Thank you Gaia, for presenting this document. It tells the bigger story that is all around us.

summersol, posted on January 27, 2016

Given the number of lies we've been told about world history I tend to side with the local people and believe the stone is authentic.

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