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Quantum Astrology

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Quantum Astrology (2005)

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The ancient mystical science of the movement of stars and planets was designed to provide us with a greater understanding of both the physical and spiritual nature of our lives. Astrologer Rick Levine offers a unique and comprehensive perspective on the sacred science and art of astrology.

With an astonishing array of facts, Levine reveals the inner essence of astrology and the flow of time. Using the outer planets' rhythms as his foundation, we discover the impact of cosmic cycles on our personal lives and on significant historical events. In a clear and straightforward manner, he shares his 21st century vision of this ancient science and reveals its relationship to the bewildering world of quantum physics and its relevance to these fast moving and rapidly changing times.

Rick Levine
Jay Weidner

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nataliepastor, posted on June 14, 2016

Now it's frozen. I just paid $100.00 for this service.

nataliepastor, posted on June 14, 2016

And now it's back.

nataliepastor, posted on June 14, 2016

All of the sudden the video stopped and there was a message saying it wasn't available - try again later! Aargh!

gw34, posted on June 30, 2015

If you are going to watch one video on astrology, this should be it. Rick Levine is amazingly knowledgeable and charismatic and the visual production is spectacular. Great for students of history who are open to new perspectives.

fremont.lawrence, posted on June 20, 2015

Simply amazing and inspirational. This really helps expand the mind and broadens you dimensions.. Rick Levin presents this stuff in a way that is captivating. Makes you thirst for more. Thanks.

Indine, posted on September 30, 2014

Astrology charts are like blueprints of the soul. The Pluto Saturn alignments over the years were fascinating. Let us brace ourselves for the 2020 alignment. I'd love to see the organized religious conflicts end.

Pluto Saturn alignment in 711. Not surprising. Excellent video.

eric_de_la_vega, posted on July 18, 2014

Very educational, please produce a series of programs on astrology and not just one.

PD: When will launch an application for IPOD?

gemortal ghost, posted on March 21, 2014

not sure this is noteworthy but I sure think it is : ) Love Gaiam already : )

beaum07, posted on November 27, 2013

Thank you.

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” - Gandalf

tenamoreno, posted on May 5, 2013

This video was so informative and thought provoking. I've poked around in Astrology for the last 6 months or so, but it didn't really grab me like this video did. We are so much more than we know. I makes you consider every action you take...it matters. Maybe not today, but eventually the ripple will come back. Thank you thank you for this video!

elkestoe, posted on March 27, 2013

Very interesting. Very practical and well-thought-out presentation by Rick Levine. I don't believe in Astrology any more than I believe in Math. It is simply something functional we can use. This is what Rick Levine said. And, he said that when someone tells him they don't believe in Astrology he tells them he does not believe in the Astrology they don't believe in either.

He gave the most practical, scientific, down to earth presentation of Astrology I have ever seen or heard. He talked about how Quantum Physics shows how planets are a wave and a particle, electromagnetic, and gravitational, and how this effects us and everything else. He showed how the alignment of the planets correlated to pivotal historical events. And, so much more. Well worth a watch!!!

MysticShadow, posted on March 9, 2013

This was magnificent!

davidleduc1, posted on October 24, 2014

Can't wait to ingest and compare to David Wilcox and much of his Spiritual series. Love this path!

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