Radical Truth: Knowledge and Revolution Part One Video
Radical Truth: Knowledge and Revolution Part One

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Radical Truth: Knowledge and Revolution Part One (2011)

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David Icke reveals how the human race got into the present global crisis and the keys to getting out. This no-holds-barred examination of the machinations underlying global events and the mechanisms of control used to keep us in fear and confusion opens our eyes to the truth what is really happening behind the scenes of our reality. This awareness is a necessary step towards our ultimate liberation as a race, as a species, and as residents of Planet Earth.

To view the second part of this two-part program, see Radical Truth: Knowledge Revolution Part Two


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vfbtrade, posted on August 10, 2016

You need to upgrade your server or something...very poor quality in video

M.Winchester, posted on June 24, 2016

Huge shoutout to David Icke for being so diligent and determined. I know you sometimes get negative responses for the information you put out there but from one awakening individual to another... Thank you my brother. I appreciate you

daniel.durba, posted on May 5, 2016

If they want a war, give them peace (civil unrest = martial law) don't walk boldly into the FEMA trap.
If they want our military and police to be our enemies, we need to break through their consciousness with our own and convert them to defend us against their orders. That can be done by skilled meditation practitioners getting together in large groups making change through focused thinking.
If we want to win, we must all wake up. We outnumber them so long as we are aware we have the Power, and always have. There's some total idiouts out there too stupid to know what's going on and will call you every name in the insult book if you waste you time with them, but even they will commit to follow if they see numbers of others doing so. for the same reason: they are cattle with herd mentality. They walk off cliffs following the lemmings of Banker Elites now without giving it a second thought. For those people you don't waste your time confronting. You let them come to you after you've already built your following of like-minded individuals who understand the individual is not what matters, but rather the cooperation f the community to achieve the goals most important to us all. UBUNTU

daniel.durba, posted on May 5, 2016

I like everyone else in America, felt united with my countrymen... However the narrative was that we were attacked by a foreign enemy when in reality it was domestic. I was a US Coast Guard at the time, and I remember quite vividly just how effective this propaganda was on on my shipmates, myself, and if you're honest, on you as well.

daniel.durba, posted on May 5, 2016

I was doing loans from 2004-2008. I was a kid right out of the Coast Guard and college. I took a summer job that turned into the next 4 years of my life. I saw some unscrupulous behavior in the seats around me, but the irresponsibility of people applying for the loans was just as appalling. The sub-prime banks were giving out what we coined as "Drug-Dealer loans" because you just stated what you made. Stated-Stated programs required no proof for approval if you had the magic credit score. People were asking for ARMs and $80,000 in equity, using their house like a cash register. They were gambling with their family's well-being so they could buy boats and stupid crap. The docs tell you the rate goes up, but they signed and signed thinking they could just refinance again later. That worked the first 2 years, but not the last 2 when they began pulling back on the reins. People maxed out their equity, then the inflated values dropped sometimes a hundred to hundreds of thousands of dollars before they went to refi again. They couldn't be helped. They were underwater with their mortgage, and I hope for their sake, they didn't blow all the money they took out against their equity that got them there. I had real insider perspective on a lot of the goings-on and I was still oblivious at first, being a naive kid.

I was evicted in 2008 from a rental home because the guy I was renting from was already well into Foreclosure when he rented it to me. To purify my soul I went on a vast excursion to champion for the American Dream, and wrote a book about it. I was never one of the liars, but because of my naivety, I was part of a thing all the same. In case you care, the book is called Divided Highway. It's available in audio, paperback, and kindle formats from amazon. It's written by an Autistic, from my perspective as I see life.

daniel.durba, posted on May 5, 2016

Almost Everyone on Earth is full of SH*T and they don't even know it, and they'll fight to the death to protect the false truths they cling to so dearly. We Autisitc have to be born into this Enslaved Prison Planet you idiots created. When it comes to pass, the Golden Age or [Au]tistic Age will bring reason, and intellect back into the mainstream. Your wars will dry up, money will be replaced by Cooperation, and Contribution, and technological advances will change the world. Make no mistake. Mr. Tesla, Uncle Nik, was one of us. Without banks and royal blood lines, people will actually be cured of diseases instead of left to suffer and die... My aunt's death won't be in vain once we are making the world better for everyone worth a damn by taking the power out of the hands of the stupid.

ZackLMiles, posted on April 5, 2015

When I first heard of David Icke like 10 years ago he just seemed like a very angry guy with some super big balls at first. Now days he is looking like a modern day prophet more and more. He has seen all this coming for years. And David Wilcock, too. And it is all unfolding exactly like they have been saying it would. Everyone should be standing up and spreading they're message and links to them anywhere they can on any comment section forum, anything we can do. This is how I was lead to them and their message years ago. I idolize them both very much for what they are doing. I've watched the politicians play ping pong with world since I started following politics 25 years ago. And you can easily see the truth in what they're saying after paying attention to all this after all these years. People that are not actually paying attention to government and these guys at same time would be hard to convince them. This is why it will take all our help to wake more people up. I pray every day at the end of my mediation to help us defeat the greedy evil beings controlling the world in this negative light. I believe we are all the spirit of unconditional love and we will all be fine. I am not scared of nothing. We all know already we defeat them. And this is proof it's on it's way. I love you all. And am so thankful for my connection with you all so much. And I hope I give you some strength, as well. We are not here by accident. Love and light to you from me.

housegroove23, posted on April 4, 2015

The lack of applause towards the end of this truth revealing rant by David Icke is a real eye opener and shows just how ignorant and complacent Americans really are! As an American it is so embarrassing to see my fellow men like this and many of us who are here to help are going to have to give real special attention to these American people to answer their questions why things have happened the way they did. We have alot of work ahead of us to teach the true history of our people.

Lou15317, posted on March 22, 2015

I read some of the other comments here. "He's a mason." "Wolf in sheep's clothing..." etc... The bottom line is that he confirms what a lot of other people are saying. He does not present a lot of evidence for what he says but many other's do and the over all arc seems to be true. He's a dynamic presenter and that's what really gets him over with fans. When you read a book by some one like David Wilcock you see citation after citation for where the info came from. David Icke just has a different way of presenting..(.more style than substance? ) However, I WOULD NOT show this to people who are highly skeptical because of his lack of citation. We can argue about Icke's details but the bottom line is that there is some kind of "shadow" organization (maybe it isn't all that organized...whatever...)pulling a lot of strings. It doesn't take a David Icke speech to get most people to see that international banking is most-likely the source of a lot of the trouble in the world.

iamanda, posted on February 10, 2015

He's a mason. Sad but true. It's how he knows and why he is spreading what he knows. So the 1% sociopaths can corrupt the underground communication and twist it their way . All this info of the new age movement is great. But people don't think for a second that Icke calling people sheeple is anything but acting superior. We were all born equal and everyone deserves love and respect. It's not about being wiser than the ignorant and better able to grow spiritually. All paths lead to God so Icke should stop pushing that people are dumb followers of the herd . People are just doing the best they can with the environment they are used to.

go2mark, posted on August 19, 2013

is the height of ignorance

theoretical theology like science allows for the unanswerable in order to arrive at a framework or canvas to facilitate the evolution of truth

the intelligence behind the bible was aware of the breath and depth of the deception and delusion that would come over mankind in the last days. Jesus said my sheep hear my voice. this simple message could be telling us that you must align your thoughts and emotions with his teachings of compassion and sacrifice.

this would be the only escape from the last days trials and tribulation the shall come upon the whole world. contemplate these words / suffer for the truth / ignorance is comfortable but knowing the truth requires the sacrifice of your attachments to the flesh. Our collective understanding of this universe comes down to nothing but vibration as described in string theory. " in the beginning was the WORD ". we suffer because our minds are focused solely on the flesh (nuts & bolts).

Narrow is the gate that leads to eternal life. translation = few will understand the meaning of these words but for those who do awaits a spiritual paradise. why does evil exist ? you ask. evil exist as a filter to screen out evil itself. in the last days knowledge will be increased . along with this will be the great delusion which will filter out the evil vibrations. the Bible is a very scary book. all the killing and murder and nasty stuff is a filter.

just as the air we breath and the sun that sustains life are free so is the truth. as soon as you try to sell the truth it becomes cancerous. just as eternal life is a gift that cannot be bought or sold. it was paid in full on tree for all to see and received by all who choose be free.

Jesus said "my sheep hear my voice" i believe it´╗┐ as simple as this. if we strive to tune our thoughts and emotions with the vibrations of compassion we allow god to synchronize our consciousness with his divine plan. the music industry is 99% demonic and is the wide gate that shall lead many into darkness. narrow is the gate that leads to eternal life.

go2mark, posted on August 19, 2013

is unwittingly telling the story of the bible minus the godhood of Jesus Christ. beware of wolves in sheep's clothing who steal your belief in the one true God.

eesa, posted on May 24, 2013

I would only add that the other most important and overlooked part of the destruction fo America is agriculture. Monsanto and the proliferation of pesticide and insecticide driven food production is the basis of destruction of the nation. When our food is poison and no other nation will buy it and it is our only export we will be completely and utterly and totally destroyed. So we MUST not only acknowledge all the bullshit of the government terrorism of OKC, 911 and all the rest of it we must take back control of our food and our money. Now China is destroying US GM food crop deliveries/shipments. - US now totally committed to GM/biotech food crops (which none of us want to eat) and so it goes all over the globe - as US farms are overly committed to GM crops we have no markets and no buyers (inlcuding ourselves more and more). We are in deep trouble and each of us must do what we can to grow organic, build local community and reject all of this shit.

sephyrus, posted on April 15, 2013

I, too, was put off by David Icke the first time I saw him speak but now I realize that he is sincere and passionate about spreading the truth. I thank him from the bottom of my infinite heart for doing all of that research for all of us. He is a leader.

d_aota12@sympatico.ca, posted on February 18, 2013

At the beginning when I first heard David Icke , I thought he exaggerated many things . but now. I realize this man is really trying to make people realize how governments are slowly but surely trying to controld every part of our lives..

GERDIW, posted on February 14, 2013

For a long time I did not like to follow David Icke's presentations, because they smell polemic and demagogic. But the more I gain info on his topics from other sources, I appreciate his oversight and his sincererty, as well as his verve. So much talk about love is just annoying, but if he comes to this end, it is touching.
Be well, David Icke

Lolk, posted on February 13, 2013

:). Thank you

Nils, posted on February 12, 2013

I listened to Alex Jones, and learned where to look. Then my heart grew more loving, and I could no longer stand the crushing sound. I listened to David Icke, and followed the point of his finger, then, my heart grew more, and more loving, and I can no longer endure the crushing sound. I hear in his voice, the man of my past, the man I pretended to be- as I dreamt a difficult dream. David Icke is the necessarry alarm for those fast asleep, but the work of the day for which you arise is to grow the heart more loving; we have spent already too many lives going to war(on the field, or in commerce). No condemnation to David (only love),but remember, he is only the rooster crowing, telling the farmer,
it's time to begin your work.

gr8bokys, posted on December 30, 2013

Are we to just wait and love, and continue to love? What is the solution not for just one but for many.... I agree David has keenly connected the dots, but what now? We are not to be just hearers but doers, so what are our hearts leading us to do? Is there a consortium or are we just lone pilgrims each trying to follow our heart?

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