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Ram Dass Fierce Grace

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Ram Dass Fierce Grace (2001)

Only available in Canada, United States

Harvard professors Richard Alpert and Timothy Leary made countercultural history in 1963 when they were fired from that institution for conducting controversial psychedelic drug research. In the purple haze aftermath, Alpert journeyed to India and found his guru Maharaj-ji, who renamed him Ram Dass ("Servant of God").

Best known for his 1971 bestseller Be Here Now, which was a spiritual touchstone of the era, Ram Dass became an inspiration to people around the globe. Filmmaker Mickey Lemle – who has known his subject for more than twenty-five years – intersperses vivid archival footage from hippiedom's glory days with intimate glimpses of Ram Dass today, as he continues to remake his life since being – in his words – “stroked” in 1997.

Named by Newsweek as one of the Top Five Non-Fiction Films of 2002, Ram Dass Fierce Grace is an engrossing, poignant meditation on spirituality, consciousness, healing and the unexpected grace of aging.

Ram Dass, William Alpert, Larry Brilliant, Bhahavan Das, Timothy Leary
Mickey Lemle

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tlroutley, posted on February 22, 2016

Thank you for this film. Ram Dass fills me with wonder. I have been searching for so long and since discovering him last year, I wonder in which rock I have been buried under, to have not found him until now. Well I guess I have finally calmed down enough to find him, and my frequencies are now ready for his help. His spirit is so full of joy and love that it overflows onto everyone else. What a blessing!

veda, posted on January 26, 2016

This film was one that brings you through varying levels of thought, of journeys, not only of Ram Dass, but, but of your own.

newdirection7, posted on November 18, 2015


Thank You So Much Sacred Heart!!!

<3 <3 <3

rachellorraineking, posted on August 30, 2015

Beautiful show, I didn't know much of anything about his life. Love.

ZackLMiles, posted on February 7, 2015

BIG pause......................Yes....I agree... this moment is all right. MuCh lOvE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much Love. :-)

Maidenhair, posted on January 17, 2015

In excellence of your intuitive knowledge as you speak your not coming from what you feel ~ as more your flowing from your soul
and helping ones to gain the equations of knowing the difference..


DOROTHYF, posted on November 15, 2014

there was a time I bought everybody else's mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DineenC, posted on November 5, 2014

This film was wonderfully mastered and brought me on a heart-felt and true journey. I appreciate the experience that Ram Dass learned about the difference between transitory presence created by drugs and the realization that it is an inner state that can be experienced in our very hearts at any time without outside inducement. I relate to his experience of life's twists and turns, including his stroke, as an avenue for real and true deepening of our compassion and spiritual grounding. I had never seen this video and I fell in love with his Spirit in watching it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this beautiful film.

glimpy, posted on October 31, 2014

I thought this might be boring-was I ever wrong! What a blessing and a transformation. Just the energy alone will make you feel light enough to float.

yzbursali, posted on October 2, 2014

Simply beautiful.

bringdawn, posted on May 14, 2014

I read The Only Dance There Is and Then Be Here Now...and Ram Dass changed my life! I saw Him in 1990 but he set me on the path on 1972 and put me on the spiritual path that I follow today! Changed my life with 2 books 42 years ago and for that and to him I will always be so grateful. He continues to be an inspiration and I still have my original copies of those two books and have shared them with some people on the way. Through him I have learned that we are all one and that we are not our bodies which is a powerful teaching for one such as I to learn so young.....19 at the time. I lost my mother that year and without the guidance in those books it would have been much harder to accept. Please know you made a difference in so many of our lives and still you live to help more people on their path this day. Thank you RAM DASS from the bottom of my heart and soul...I will be grateful always!!!!! Much love and peace to you my dear, dear friend.

jandc96, posted on February 24, 2014

Thank you for this

Jump4Joy, posted on December 11, 2013

After watching this video I feel more peaceful than I have felt in over a year. Thank you Giam

B-health, posted on May 28, 2013

Perfect for every journey. Thank you for making this available.

musicallady, posted on May 12, 2013

Inspiring! If you're looking to find meaning and move past suffering, the insights from this film will reframe how you look at your circumstances, where you will find lasting peace and happiness.

BLouGust, posted on February 18, 2013

As always, the Universe delivers just what I need exactly when I need it.

floydan, posted on February 16, 2013

This was the part of the "hippi" movement that I always knew was there, even though I wasn't quite free enough, at the time, to find it. Had heard of Timothy Leary, but wasn't familiar with Ram Das. Enlightning documentary-even now. Thanx Gaiam, you find the best videos!

laurieluvspugs, posted on February 16, 2013

Important. Enlightening. Captivating. Loving.

Arichaschmerica, posted on February 14, 2013

Very touching and reaffirming.

avian, posted on February 6, 2013

Despite being someone who has never heard of Ram Dass, and has limited interest in Hinduism etc, I found this documentary to be truly fascinating and uplifting. Truly a fantastic take on life, and an outlook that can only make one a better person.

Yogi C, posted on February 3, 2013

Enlightening here and now...wow

Bluenose_Dawn, posted on January 29, 2013

This is such a beautiful, moving documentary. Thank you, Gaiam. I never would have seen this if you hadn't made it available here.

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