On the Road with Lilou: Raw Food for a Real Life with Dr. Brian Clement Video
Raw Food for a Real Life with Dr. Brian Clement

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On the Road with Lilou: Raw Food for a Real Life with Dr. Brian Clement (May 2014)

Season 3, Episode 20
Available worldwide

We have all heard the benefits of changing diet and lifestyle can dramatically improve health. Yet, we find it difficult to make that transition. Making this change may not be easy, but it is not as difficult as we may think. Dr. Brian Clement, Director of Hippocrates Health Institute, explains the benefits of a raw food diet and of the institute’s Life Transformation Program in this interview with Lilou Macé originally webcast May 23, 2014.

In 1980, Brian assumed the title of Director of Hippocrates Health Institute. Since that time, he has directed the Institute’s growth and development as well as facilitated the implementation of progressive natural health treatments and programs. His progressive ideas on natural health, coupled with his vast theoretical and practical science experience, have provided him with the opportunity to conduct countless seminars, lectures and educational programs.

Lilou Macé
Dr. Brian Clement


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catherinejsidoti, posted on July 28, 2015

I would love to work on this, I love to eat organic meats; this is a tough one for me.

seanbarrie, posted on April 1, 2015


mksi, posted on February 3, 2015

Very Good

gbbrinck, posted on June 1, 2014

This is wonderful. I can't get enough of this. REMEMBER threaltruthabouthealth.com



terrihallman, posted on May 27, 2014

i had never heard of Hippocrates before this interview, it would be great if there were many more of these places. i agree with sgcorrigan06, in that people do not respond to the concept well. i have been eating raw for about 2 years (about 80% raw)and people are so adapted to the phood in the grocery, pre-packaged, that raw feels outrageous to them. the concept of food as nutrition and that it can make a difference to your life is out of their realm. i hear the same old program phrases like "its not that bad, or a little (poison) once in a while wont hurt you. i have brought on 2 people to raw food and when they discover it and the many raw food recipes, they are SO invigorated and excited about it, same as i was when i started - and still am. it feels great and right to treat yourself the very best that you can. thanks Lilou!

eavdicmei, posted on May 27, 2014

Great show Lilou.
Question: 1. Why exactly are sprouts so much more nutritious than other raw foods? 2. Do we eat foods for the informational value of it and is that why chromolithography can tell us visually what to expects chemically out of raw foods?

sgcorrigan06, posted on May 23, 2014

You really do feel so much better when you eat more of this type of diet. I have not managed to maintain it 100% of the time yet but am working toward that as a goal as long as I feel better doing so.

I will say it tends to bring out a lot of anger from people who are eating the average American diet. They turn into much worse than crack pushers trying to make you feel like you are doing something wrong if you are not eating what they eat, or drink. Just cutting dairy milk out of that diet makes HUGE changes in health. I still have not managed to completely remove cheese and yogurt (greek) because the need for more solid feeling food in order to remain grounded enough to function in 'society' without being told I must be on drugs by people. Seriously some people get angry enough to try to really cause you significant trouble when they see you making healthier, more conscious choices for your family and yourself. It's disturbing. I ignore them as much as possible so as to keep on my path. Anyone else have this same thing happen??? Lol.

Thank you both so much for this interview! And Lilou I love your skirt!!! :D

cathy_cockey, posted on May 23, 2014

I noticed on their website that they offer financial aid for people who can't afford to come. I think that's great! Too many times people can't afford to go to an alternative doctor even if they want to. So they go the route their insurance will pay for, and we know what kind of treatment that is.

sgcorrigan06, posted on May 23, 2014

I completely agree with you! That is wonderful!

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