Beyond Belief: The Reality of Time Travel with Ron Mallett Video
The Reality of Time Travel with Ron Mallett
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Beyond Belief: The Reality of Time Travel with Ron Mallett (April 2014)

Season 3, Episode 28
Available worldwide

Lurking deep within Einstein’s theories lie the secrets of time travel. We are all subject to the arrow of time as it perpetually pulls us forward into the future. Present moments crumble away into past memories and become times never to be seen or experienced again. For some, this is simply not acceptable. Theoretical Physicist Ron Mallett explains the reality of time travel technology that we could see in the near future in this interview with George Noory originally webcast April 7, 2014.

Ronald Mallett, Ph.D., is a professor of theoretical physics at the University of Connecticut and a member of both the American Physical Society and the National Society of Black Physicists. As the oldest of four children, Ron's life changed forever when his beloved father died of a heart attack. As he was overwhelmed with grief, he read a copy of The Time Machine by H.G. Wells and became determined to make Wells' fantasy a reality by going back in time to see his father.

George Noory
Ronald Mallett, Ph.D.


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wm, posted on April 4, 2016

Wow! As this was back in 2014, I wonder what Dr. Ron Mallet would think today or what changes he may or may not make in response to the recent discovery announced earlier this 2016 of gravity waves observed back in Sept. 2015? Also wonder what his response would be to David Wilcock's (well, Dr. Nassim Haramein's) controversial interpretations of black holes, space, time, and gravity, especially as Haramein and thus Wilcock both rely upon Einstein's equations & hypotheses.

Thank you all!


abby6, posted on January 15, 2015

I got a clear picture in my mind as I was watching this very interesting interview. I watched all of David Wilcock's shows first (also back to back, I wonder if he had dreams about guests that would not leave lol).

This is the picture: focused energy, be it light focused as a laser or focused SOUND (either very low frequencies or very high frequencies but amplified) can create torsion fields, as those are explained by Wilcock relying on recent Russian science. See (Wilcock given a footnote by Wikipedia).

I have seen this type of subtle energy myself, with my eyes. It looks like "smoke" but if one looks closely, it is more of a "corkscrew." I associate this with "fourth density bleedthrough." In other words, an entity vibrating one octave higher than I am is trying to be seen, probably because my own vibration is somewhere between 3 and 4 now. This also explains "ghosts," IMHO.

There is a famous photo of HAARP (allegedly) creating the Norway spiral, David Wilcock's photo shows the source of the focused sound being on a nearby hilltop, and projecting the focused sound to the sky just like a movie projector focuses light onto a white screen when the light shines through film (I am almost as old as George). If one looks toward the projector whilst sitting in a dark theatre, one can see the focused beam of light which creates the "show" we see.

Holographic theories of the universe posit that The Creator is basically a kind of energy flowing (typo might have been correction by my guides...because gravity flowers in a spherical pattern, creating the flower of life, the arrangements of five spheres vibrating in close proximity that interlock like leggos).

This energy (which Wilcock calls "sourcefield" and which physicists call "gravity") flows through in various geometric patterns, in 3 dimensions and vibrating at certain frequencies, moving in cycles in and out in some pattern that is predictable. The "corners" of these structures connect with light and sound creating "music of the spheres" and a visual display because the corners are like wifi antennas that pick up sound and light from the rest of the fractal holographic universe. Just like my computer is connected to a "universe" of other computers, antennas, satellites and peripheral devices such as speakers, hard drives and printers.

In essence, we live within a movie which is part of a larger fractal of movies with a source of light being our sun. If other suns orbit through our galaxy or if our entire galaxy orbits through a larger galaxy then the quality, frequency and luminosity of this light would change, creating different gravitational fields which would in turn cause changes to space/time.

Because all matter is structured the same way (as it is above so it is below) we each can create this type of torsion field within ourselves, if we work at it. Much of the work involves focusing our attention on the creation of this field, visualizing it clearly. This, I believe is the "science" behind rainbow body ascension. It is the conscious awareness of the beingness behind the movie projector. When the shadow on the screen realizes what is creating him, he jumps off the screen, his awareness creates the torsion field allowing him to move between space/time from one "place" to another "place" just as we focus our attention on one idea, then on another. This is also how the recovered craft from Roswell are navigated, by thought. The craft have physical devices, they are mechanical but the navigation is telepathic, it works by visualizing the torsion field in a focused way, without wavering, which keeps it open long enough to pass through. My guess is that the pilots are chosen for their ability to sustain focus on this as much as for other skills. They would need "zen mind" to be pilots, or else they would literally be lost in space.

Dr. Mallett, again like Carl Sagan and perhaps David Wilcock, is very good at simplifying these ideas to make them far easier to visualize, the wood chip in the coffee cup is genius. He's far more humble than Neil deGrasse Tyson or Michio Kaku, but reminds me a little of both. I would like to see more of Dr. Mallett on your show, and I guess George would also..."many more shows?"

Maybe we already made the time machine so I could come back here and watch them all. If so, it was worth the trip!

Maidenhair, posted on May 8, 2014

Thanks George for having Deborah I totally believe and have experienced situation from being overly exhausted and pick up on darker energies coming into play as mentially trying to control my thoughts from the Light force to Darker force
So I immedietley place two fingers together abouve my crown chakra and circulate around above my head and say remove yourself now sometimes when feeling it stronger than others I demand they GET OUT NOW sometimes i will say go to the light if I feel they have drop to a lower demention than should had for what ever reason
Thanks Deborah for your input on different ways to cleanse your self :)

Puptart, posted on April 14, 2014

sallyire, posted on April 13, 2014

Dr. Mallett was able to explain the concept of time travel in a way that those of us who don't have a background in physics could understand.

slash_7, posted on April 8, 2014

Dr Mallet was highly informative in such a short time frame to explain Time Travel. Enjoyed it Immensely ! I enjoy your show George.. keep up the good work !!

dragonwchimes, posted on April 7, 2014

Thank-you George, this was very informing and interesting! Dr. Mallet makes physics easy to understand, especially time travel.

Ann.darnell, posted on April 7, 2014

Fascinating! Thanks for bringing your information to this physics-ly uneducated 61-year-old woman in a way that helps me make some sense of it all. I wonder, could this theory be the physics behind worm holes?

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