Reality TV: UFOs: Reality UFO Series V1 Video
Reality UFO Series V1
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Reality TV: UFOs: Reality UFO Series V1 (2007)

Episode 2
Available worldwide

Dr. Roger Leir shares x-rays and images of strange objects found in human bodies that he has surgically removed. Each item has a story behind it and he shares those stories as well.

Travis Walton gives his incredible first personal account of the alien encounter that was made into the film, Fire in the Sky. With slides he shares his personal experience of that night and the aftermath.

Michael Horn gives his person incites to who and what Billy Meier is and the nature of the myriad of accounts of alien contact.

Kathleen Anderson explains The Myth and Mystery of Planet X including the Sumerian culture gods who lived in the sky with a far advanced knowledge of cosmology and the wisdom that they brought us.

Kathleen Anderson, Dr. Roger Leir, Billy Meier, Travis Walton
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nuliform, posted on March 6, 2016

I am new to Gaia...but I may not be here long. It seems Gaia does not like android tablets or paying subscribers...of all the shows I added to my playlist..I am only allowed to!...the rest will not play..finally, after relogging..each selection, BTW...I am now informed that the video..or in this not available in my area! only look for those with the little globe icon....well...newsflash, Gaia...I'm looking at it right now...there it won't you play my videos?...are we allotted only one video per day? $9.95 a month..I don't think so..not gonna fly. And wow is this site user unfriendly...shame that, cos you have a lot of good stuff on here...I'm paid for a month and will keep wrestling with it..but..if it does not improve by the reup time I'm leaving..and taking my good reviews with me..will recommend everyone stay away from here.

Shyann1, posted on December 13, 2015

I'm intrigued by Travis in that he has never deviated from his story. I also observe he is not an actor.
Everytime i watch him during conferences or interviews....I sense he tries hard not to re-live his exp.
I see he's actually shy somewhat...and I don't think he likes particularly or isn't comfortable talking
in public. This leads me to believe, he received unwanted attention because of what happened...yes,
but more so,...he really isn't an "attention seeker" for fame or money...that happened to come from it.
It was never his motive, and some people may think that I'm sure... but he talks from the heart..and
personally, glad he had the courage to come forward and let people know. Namaste ~

lauraburnell2681, posted on January 21, 2014

I found the first part of this video with Roger Lier the most interesting. The other parts were just so so....

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