Open Minds: Reclaiming the Apocalypse with Carolyn Baker Ph.D Video
Reclaiming the Apocalypse with Carolyn Baker Ph.D
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Open Minds: Reclaiming the Apocalypse with Carolyn Baker Ph.D (June 2014)

Season 4, Episode 24
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There is no argument that we are in turbulent times. With the state of our environment, economy, and energy in decline, it appears that the collapse of industrial civilization is imminent. These challenging times present us with the perfect opportunity to change our lifestyles and build stronger communities. Carolyn Baker Ph.D. offers hope for the future by helping us to see that the coming collapse is actually an opportunity for deeper spiritual growth in this interview with Regina Meredith originally webcast June 24, 2014.

Carolyn Baker Ph.D. was an adjunct professor of history and psychology for 11 years and a psychotherapist in private practice for 17 years. She has written several books including Collapsing Consciously: Transformative Truths for Turbulent Times and Navigating the Coming Chaos: A Handbook for Inner Transition. Carolyn offers life coaching, workshops, and speaking engagements nationally and internationally.

Regina Meredith
Carolyn Baker Ph.D.


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marystavrou, posted on January 5, 2015

Where your thoughts go so goes your reality...and that "law" is accumulative(the masses eventually get what they are thinking about)....if enough people believe in collapse then it is inevitable but if enough people believe in transformation then transformation will be inevitable...I hang my hat on transformation...and beauty, music, joy, relationships take on a new higher energetic dimension. If I believe that we are headed for the Great CollapseI would rather be alone...

kathywerner2012, posted on January 2, 2015

Wow. As a former Hospice Nurse, I totally "get it". If we accept that Death is inevitable, we get to live on our own terms. If we accept death, we can realize how alive we really are. The only hope is to go into the darkness of dying so we can follow the light.

T Rose, posted on January 2, 2015

I can relate to her perspective, I have been near death a few times, the experience has opened up my mind and heart. I am more integrated now. I see the apocalypse as an opportunity for deep transformation. Carolyn is a grandma wise women I am so happy to be introduced to through gaiam tv, yeah! keep sharing your sacred vision Ms Baker!

jldy, posted on June 28, 2014

The one thing this lady does and does well, is invoke a response in people who are listening! You do not have to agree with her but realize that she is causeing people to look at the situation and just maybe insite some to search for a positive change! Like her or not; You have to respect her courage to speak up and wake up those who still sleep.

majorsmajor, posted on June 27, 2014

Regina, Good interview with Dr. Baker. I would like to address the statement that I keep hearing from many places,(and I want to scream), that our planet cannot take care of such as large population. Most statistics show our planet on a downward transition as far a population goes. I grew up during the Robert Rodale era after WW2 and victory gardens when food was scarce and a lot of us learned to garden organically, and how to care for the earth. We can change and we can heal our planet. Building doomsday bunkers and preparing for ourselves is just the same old, same old, save ourselves rhetoric Thank you for bringing the conversation back around to the fact we need to start building relationships and getting along with each other. the old adage divide and conquer is still true.

sjms01, posted on June 26, 2014

I respect Carolyn's viewpoint, it is a unique perspective. I just wish that when people make comments they would use correct English and use spellcheck if they have trouble spelling. I am really tired of seeing "woman" spelled "women". How did they manage to graduate from grade school?????

polska13, posted on June 29, 2014

This kind of pettiness is what we could strive to drop. Focus on being mindful yourself and others may follow. Should our system undergo a major transformation, spelling may not get you anywhere, but your relationship with others may count. Best wishes.

Ann.darnell, posted on July 1, 2014

Precisely the message of this program!

Ann.darnell, posted on June 27, 2014

You might want to brush up on your own punctuation skills.

steve1501962, posted on June 27, 2014

Is this really a top priority in your life? This reminds me of the way congress deals with problems.

dumitru, posted on June 26, 2014

While she decries the fact that the ultra-rich are turning the rest of us into paupers, her “solution” is the same as the elite’s: that we need to be culled off by the billions, and those of us of the 99.9 % who are left, need to be happy living in poverty. That does nothing to address the fact that it’s the elite’s system that is destroying the environment, and their solution is to destroy us and restore the environment for themselves. I’m all for joy and community, but when Regina asked her about the technological fixes for cleaning up the ocean (fixes which the elites have) she just blows it off by saying we may not have time. Meaning what? Just give up? She talked about hospice. I am a hospice worker, and hospice work is about making the client comfortable while they die. Here again she seems to be in alignment with the elite’s message to us: “It’s too late for you. Just enjoy yourself while you die.” Regina says there are two perspectives: One is we are causing the coming collapse by abusing nature, putting in nuclear power plants and so on, and the other perspective is that it’s a natural cycle. What they are leaving out is the fact that “we” did not put in nuclear power plants, the wealthy elite did. I actively opposed nuclear power and all sorts of the other atrocities brought to us by the elite. So when she says that the few people who are left after the billions of people die will be profoundly changed, she seems to be naively assuming that those few people will be regular folks who just happened to make it. She seems to be unaware that, if the elite do succeed in bringing on a catastrophe that slaughters billions of us, that they have their survival plans in place, whether it’s underground, or off-planet. The solution is not to give up and die, the solution is to take back our power and stop the elite’s plan to massacre most of the rest of humanity. We need to put those people in jail, get our hands on the information that they have about free energy and the technologies to heal ourselves and the environment, and start rebuilding a better world for everyone.

Ann.darnell, posted on June 26, 2014

If you missed the end of this program, you missed the point.

With one young family member who has made it his life's purpose to educate us all on the importance of having a well-stocked bug-out bag and a straight-line route to the family safe house and an older family member who thinks all we need to get us through the coming social collapse is "beans, bullets," and gold coins, I have reached my limit of tolerance for talk of the coming apocalypse. For that reason, it was difficult for me to sit still through the beginning of this interview. It reminded me of all the weight loss and good health programs I have yet to force myself to watch because I do not want to face the responsibility for change the information places upon me, personally. I will sheepishly admit there are days when I would prefer to meditate myself into one of David Wilcock's "rainbow bodies" and move on a to a higher plane of existence rather than stay here and face the task at hand.

However, midway through the interview, it became clear that Carolyn Baker is not preaching the same "run for the hills" message we hear from most other doomsday prophets. Rather, she is asking us to face the truth of the situation we find our world in and to, then, begin helping turn the tide toward a more viable social outlook in order to develop solutions for addressing the true issues we face--issues that deal with how we successfully live together under extreme physical circumstances.

The truth is our world is rapidly approaching this apocalyptic state, and the time is NOW (actually much sooner) to begin coming to some kind of conscious consensus as to what actually needs to be done about it. Carolyn Baker drives home the point that the issues are not merely physical/material in nature but also social/relational in nature.

This program brought even further into focus two questions that weigh heavily on my heart on a daily basis:

1. Is the plethora of audio, video, and print material coming forth at this time regarding death, dying, the afterlife, reincarnation, and life between lives an indication that we need to be spiritually preparing large groups of people for dying gracefully? Carolyn Baker says we are in a "hospice" state socially as we prepare to witness the death of our industrial age and be reborn into whatever form society takes next. How much hospice training needs to be put in force for the purpose of getting individuals to a place of knowing how to function successfully in a new social paradigm, and how much needs to be put in force for the purpose of helping those physically dying and those physically surviving deal with these stark realities in a positive manner?

2. At what point do we stop wasting precious time sending children to schools that merely teach them how to function successfully within an industrial society that is being ripped apart at the seams? I see children being forced into an educational mold in which they were not born to excel (in regard to evolutionary DNA.) I anticipate the same for my grandchildren who are rapidly approaching the age where society demands they be molded into a social paradigm that will soon cease to exist.

As Regina so aptly stated, we all chose to be born into this time and place knowing what we would be facing. Now, is not the time to shrink away into a closet and pray for a mighty savior to come fix everything for us. We, ourselves, are called to be the saviors of our world. And, it is time to get to work.

sgcorrigan06, posted on June 26, 2014

This IS the great unveiling of the Persistent Illusion. And almost no one, no matter how knowledgeable, psychic, good at channeling goodness knows what beings from goodness knows what places and perspectives (other than what they may claim to people with limited understanding and view), good at meditating, able to see into other dimensions… almost no one really know exactly what that means. Unveiling of the Illusion. What is the illusion? Anyone who is honest will admit that as soon as they think they really know something comes along to show them they still have a long way to go.

This woman, Ms. Carolyn Baker Ph.D has a likeness in some way (perhaps related?) to Dick Cheney. Ahem. This forced me to really quietly question why I was sensing that and what place her message really comes from. I must admit I was somewhat resistant to listening to anyone who reminds me in any way of said person. That said, I feel she had a lot of positive things to say, and a lot of yes, "realist" wisdom. A slight fear which anyone with a soul would also feel if they were not operating from a new age enlightenment guru know it all type of meditate above all you all who are so low to feel fear when you see that your magical little places you prefer to keep to are not preventing the oceans from actually being murdered by your own kind. The Rain forests being ravaged and children being tortured by the goodness knows how many numbers by those whom you accept as rulers in your society just by pretending it all does not exist because you can be happy and keep your vibes up. In order to attain any sort of growth and learning you have to do just what this woman has said and go down and in to be capable of going out and up. It is the same thing that David Wilcock is discussing with the reference to the hero's journey. Yes perhaps at some point in a distant past, or even in another reality parallel to ours right now you are able to do things by just remaining in that high place and holding the vibes up, and that is why you have the awareness of it in the first place. But I would suggest that if you were still able to operate on that notion alone you would not find the need to wipe your bottoms with trees and all of the other fine things we have to do when we find ourselves in this dense state. Are you really here to just have a higher than reality vibe and the Earth dying is an illusion just for you to learn how high up you are or are you here in a physical human body to actually use your abilities to help, I don't know, like the planet, or the babies, or something, anything other than your own selves? I dunno. These are questions we can only each answer for ourselves. But I did find she had a responsible wise and knowledgeable understanding of much of what we are really facing. I may happen to differ from her thoughts on a few things, but I believe she was well intentioned and if you actually bristled at her message perhaps it would be good to really do some work on why that is. What did she reflect for you?

You see I have wrestled with these same things myself for a long time. I could easily sit and be in my happy place all the time and shut out all of the 'lowly' negatives, you see, I can see, and if the world were to actually cleanse, really, other than the sadness of seeing so much potential and natural beauty go to waste, what really would it matter? It wouldn't. That is the truth. It would be a case of those sad humans that ruined their world like, yes, little irresponsible children. And the Cosmos would make something else out of the recycled energy. No big deal. But it would suck if we all saw it coming and no one actually tried with the physical bodies they are in for some reason to educate others and take action in some way to do something about it. Yes learning takes time and sometimes cannot be forced. But I think that may be why she said (which would reduce fear in those who are seeing that the meltdowns ARE happening, and the Lungs of the Planet ARE being torn down every day by collective human greed and apathy) it may be too late, and if it turns out that not enough people learn fast enough, at least it will be less traumatic for those who are prepared to handle it either way in a balanced fashion. That reduction in fear would elevate those who have their eyes open… to both realities. Because it is an illusion, but if people don't wake up it may as David Wilcock has stated take another 25,000 year cycle in the classroom to see if we can all finally get it again. Lol.

If you can see both realities, you can see that those in the spirit are also very saddened by what humans are doing, so as magickal as that can be you won't fool yourself into painting it rose colored for the sake of comfort. Spirit feels the losses. But it will also adapt as it needs to. If we act like parasitic fleas, the doggy might just roll in the big mud puddle to rid itself of the constant itching. That's part of the nature that we are all part of. And to it we will eventually return in some form or another. :) Peace and tough love like a mama bear. :)

Alfreda Weiss, posted on June 25, 2014

Thank you Regina and Carolyn for being the wise women you are and not sugar-coating what you are accepting as an extremely changed future that may be on the edge of not only change, but massive transformation. If one has been in a hospice situation and if one has love and courage like Carolyn Baker, sharing her insights and warnings is very brave. A number of psychics who could see the future said there were scattered communities of like-minded people who seemed happier than today. We have Native Americans who were sent into a similar "transformation" after living in communities for as long as 6000 years. Perhaps those who sent them into their current "reservations" will be asking them for wisdom and help when we are also making a major transformation from what we have now that is not sustainable. They would respond that we need to stop poisoning the earth and our bodies before it is too late, but they have been saying that to deaf ears for a long time.

sgcorrigan06, posted on June 26, 2014

I agree. And one thing is for sure, the Cosmos seems to love Irony. :) Those whom have been thought of as disconnected from society will likely be huge in forming the 'new way' however it comes about.

WaldorfmamaLJA, posted on June 25, 2014

What is it to be a "Realist"? I know many people who call themselves "Realists" and many of them are sad and unhappy folk who are really wrapped up in the 3-D reality they see with their eyes.
True this is a "reality" but it isn't that way for all of us and I know many more folks who live a magical and joyous place. I tend to believe that if joy is what lives in you then that is what you will create in your outside world, and it is from that vantage point the world consciousness will shift for the "better" and is shifting for the better. Regina has interviewed a few people over the years who speak of this and talk about the world becoming multiple different realities for different people, some stay in the dense 3-D reality and some rise to a higher 4th and 5th level dimension here on earth. thanks to all for the great comments!

snelsoncunningham, posted on June 24, 2014

Normally I love Open Minds; this one was a downer. Yes, I understand that we are in a critical time on the planet, yes, we must all do what we can, yes, there are frightening, alarming things happening. But to think of ourselves as going into "hospice" is not an uplifting way to inspire people to do more for the longevity of ourselves, our species (all species, not just humans), or the earth. Personal responsibility and relationships are hugely important, but I don't want to work on betterment with the energy of "do what you can while you can because it's all probably going to end". Even if that is the case, that's not the come-from I want to emulate. It's a pretty bleak view.

In the first few minutes of the segment Ms. Baker said she was impressed by what young people are doing, and that she had no idea how much good was going on until spending time with college students and learning the amazing things they're up to. I'm sure there is much more good in the world, and probably off-planet as well, that she is also not aware of. That's the energy I want to reside in. Not in the undertone energy of doom and gloom. Even if she is a "realist", I prefer to be inspired by hope and inspiration for a better possible future, not by "making peace at the end".

mariearmstrong, posted on June 24, 2014

Embracing the apocalypse is a choice. I like to think that other civilizations before us, didn't go without a fight. Obviously they lost the fight, and probably because the majority hesitated, denied the consequences of their actions. "Everyone laughed at Noah whilst he built an arc". Some people are ok with fighting for survival, others are not ready to accept it yet. Ms. Baker brought us a one-word solution- 'relationships'... The infinite challenge. I wouldn't bet money on our civilization surviving, but I like to think, I am on the team that tried.

joe4good, posted on June 24, 2014

Liza, I think you are missing the point. I see this woman as being a realist. Thoughts and beliefs are not going to change things, it's going to take action and this woman is saying that not enough action is happening quick enough. In fact, we are still headed in the wrong direction as far as polluting is concerned. Yes, we create our reality based on thoughts and beliefs but the key word here is "based". If thoughts and beliefs do not lead to action then they are never anything more than thoughts and beliefs. You are right, we do not need to live in fear or negativity but when we are facing a negative situation we deal with that by first recognizing that it is negative.

starker1, posted on June 24, 2014

Was able to last only 15 minutes into the conversation with her gloomy outlook. The world is not a great place right now, granted, but let's focus on innovative solutions that people like Jacque Fresco of The Venus Project and others are offering. Despite her valiant efforts, Regina could not salvage this one for me.

WaldorfmamaLJA, posted on June 24, 2014

I am going to be blunt for the interest of time, I didn't enjoy listening to this women, I am not sure I know she knows what she is talking about... What about the belief that we create our reality based on our thoughts and beliefs... There may be some major changes coming, however, it sure helps to not live in fear and negativity. Really didn't like this women.

raymaria, posted on June 24, 2014

she only talks about how bad things are on our planet and all the people that have been on the show channeling spirits and angels tells us on how the change in people that are waking up and the beauty of our planet. No one who has channeled on gaiam tv has talked negative.Talking about how bad the world is also talks how bad one self is,and you can look at someone face and see the worry that they do.This earth we live in does have alot of work to do but we all know simple things adds up to big things. Love is something that cannot be changed and truth we all will leave this planet one day but there is no end to it just the beginning.We are spiritual being living with a human experience.We are spirit first.

sonmi, posted on June 24, 2014

I sense fear tune in her words. What we need on planet earth is individuals with love in there hearts, More people the better. Maybe when nearing a cycle, everything suppose to be at max. The individuals having a hard time with the end of the cycle knowledge is the ones in power, they have loss every bit of common sense, I feel by what they think they are doing is helpful is not helpful. When to much fear is thrown at the people, they can't overcome it. The masses will shut down. Waking up takes some time.

jennifer horan, posted on June 24, 2014

Thank you for this interview. We have plenty of time to do all things with compassion and love--most truly we are in the infinity of now. Let's create beauty and harmony, regardless of our physical length of time on Earth. I'm all in....!

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