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Ocean Wanderer: Reflections (2004)

Episode 8
Only available in United States

The Knights arrive back in Canada. They’ve all had to say goodbye to Ocean Wanderer and the life she provided them. Now it’s back to reality and the real world. The family often reflects on their world journey and the amazing experiences it afforded them. Michael has dismissed all that is sailing and fishing and is now totally enthralled with golf. Saskia has blossomed and is set to re-trace her steps crossing the Pacific on the floating school ‘tall ship’ Concordia. Tony and Arien continue to run his dental practice and begin to dream of their next boat.

Jim Ripley
Jim Ripley


Before the Beginning Video
Episode 1 Before the Beginning
Before the Beginning (2004)
Episode 1
, 23 minutes
Tony and Arien Knight have decided buy a boat, grab their two young children and spend the next five years circumnavigating the globe. But, their perfect dreamboat is a total disaster and it may take more than they have to get ...
Only available in United States
The Dream Launches Video
Episode 2 The Dream Launches
The Dream Launches (2004)
Episode 2
, 23 minutes
Tony and Arien Knight finally start their five-year expedition to sail round the world. However they are rudely awakened from their dream life when Michael is almost lost overboard as they cross the Caribbean Sea.
Only available in United States
The Longest Leg Video
Episode 3 The Longest Leg
The Longest Leg (2004)
Episode 3
, 23 minutes
Ocean Wanderer and her crew enter the Pacific Ocean. They head south to explore the famed Galapagos Islands. Then, they are are off to assist the 9 inhabitants of the tiny island of Swarroow who require Tony’s skill as a dentist.
Only available in United States
Requiem Annuum Video
Episode 4 Requiem Annuum
Requiem Annuum (2004)
Episode 4
, 23 minutes
After nearly a year at sea, the Knights decide to take five or six months to just relax in New Zealand and give everyone a rest from the rigors of sailing. It is a time for rest and healing of bones and relationships.
Only available in United States

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