Holistic Health Basics: Reiki Symbols in Healing Video
Reiki Symbols in Healing
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Holistic Health Basics: Reiki Symbols in Healing

Episode 13
Only available in Canada, United States

This is the Reiki art of healing, rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan. Learn how Reiki can be used to transmit healing energies either through direct contact or without physical contact. Two Reiki Masters will introduce you to the philosophy and origins of Reiki and the differences between Reiki I and Reiki II. See actual "Reiki Healings" with practitioners including "hands-on healings."

Toni Smith
Claudio Lai


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sedonavisionary, posted on September 8, 2016

I am so happy to hear her say these things. I've been thinking them for many years. When I learned Reiki level I, there were very few teachers available. I lived in a city and the nearest teacher was almost an hour away in another city. That teacher was 7th in lineage from Dr. Usui, and she was no nonsense about making certain that you properly moved through each process before allowing you to take another class to the next level. When I took my Mastership training, which was almost two years after taking my initial Reiki I class, the Mastership course was seven months long! We attended every other week, and were required to do quite a few Reiki sessions on others in between. We had to document our experiences. She made certain that we each could be effective teachers and that we were of the correct mindset. She was a very loving teacher, and yet very dedicated to making sure the process was moving appropriately for each of her students. I cannot state enough how much I appreciated that couple of years that I worked with her! It was during the Reiki Mastership training when Diane Stein's book was published with all of the symbols in it, and suddenly there were Reiki Masters everywhere, teaching "crash courses" in Reiki. It felt very unsettling, and I must add that the symbols that Diane Stein published in her book were not the same ones that we learned in our courses! That was also a bit confusing. Was Reiki hijacked by a faction that wanted to degrade the energy vibration of it? We were told by our teacher that the symbols were to be kept sacred and non-published so that they would be used by those who were able to use them the most effectively, (those who were attuned to use them), and also so that their energy would not be diminished by those who were not ready for them trying to use them. Many people may not agree with what I am saying here, but if you went through the amazing process of learning and growing spiritually, through a proper Reiki Teacher, you would really understand what a blessing that is. That there are no real short cuts. The process is the best part, and with the "crash course" Reiki courses, you are getting jipped of that sacred process.

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