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Relationship and Movement
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Waking Infinity: Relationship and Movement (2013)

Episode 3
Available worldwide

Host Ben Stewart traveled to California after Burning Man to visit Foster and Kimberly Gamble, most notable for their internet documentary Thrive. The interview is out of the box for Foster and Kim as Ben strays from the conventional questions and dives into the heart of where their vision and intentions lie.

The topic of their relationship with one another was the cornerstone. The love they share with one another, compassion, open mindedness and gentle approach towards each other has become the source from which all their ideals and visions of social change come from. This episode explores the simplest yet most unexplainable forces in human existence: Love and Change.

Ben Stewart, Foster Gamble, Kimberly Gamble
Ben Stewart


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Relationship and Movement Video
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Available worldwide
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brandiglass333, posted on August 28, 2015

Again, an amazingly insightful and uplifting look into the many facettes of ourselves. I have been writing (in teeny tiny letters), "www.thrive.com" on each dollar bill that passes through my hands for several years now. Every since I watched that ground breaking documentary. I almost didn't watch this one, fearing a repeat of "dark cabal" information. Really glad I did, because I love the angle you used to get at the heart of this one! Without EXPERIENCING the heart, all the teachings in the world mean nothing. Just the message I needed to hear today - and a timeless one at that. LOVE what you guys are doing here - hope there will be more!

yecidortega, posted on August 9, 2015

is Kimberly Gamble related to the Corporation? if so, what is your opinion about that?

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