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Renewable Energy
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The Lazy Environmentalist: Renewable Energy

Episode 40

On the topic of clean renewable energy, Josh Dorfman talks with Mike Perna, Vice President of Business Development and Peter Blom Manager for Renewable Energy Services for ConEdison Solutions, a company making it easier for consumers to have their homes powered by wind energy. Also on is Meredith McClintock CEO and Janey Ward Director of Business Development for Ready Solar, a company making the install of solar panels on the home both economical and aesthetically pleasing.

Josh Dorfman
Mike Perna, Peter Blom, Meredith McClintock, Janey Ward


Episode 1 Textiles
Textiles (2/8/2006)
Episode 1
Selene Ruben Salama and Joanna Notkin, founder and head designer of Looolo Textiles talk with Josh Dorfman about their startup textile businesses.
Episode 2 Green Vehicles
Green Vehicles (2/15/2006)
Episode 2
Jim Hammond, President of eGo Vehicles, joins Josh Dorfman to talk about the eGo Cycle and Seth Leitman the founder of Electric Transportation Systems Solutions talks about the importance of zero tailpipe emissions.
Episode 3 Plenty
Plenty (2/22/2006)
Episode 3
Josh Dorfman talks with Mark Spellun, founder of Plenty Magazine and Jill Ferenbacher, founder of
Episode 4 Organic Libations
Organic Libations (3/1/2006)
Episode 4
Josh Dorfman’s topic of the day is organic libations focusing on wine and liquor made organically.

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