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Resistance Is Fertile

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Resistance Is Fertile (2009)

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Resistance is Fertile chronicles the journey of the South Central Resistance (SCR), a group of teenage renegades, as they set out to reclaim South Central Los Angeles through the art of guerilla gardening – the illicit cultivation of someone else’s land. With every birth of a garden lies the chance that it will be transformed back into a barren wasteland at the hands of the city government.

With the aid of several veteran LA-based guerilla gardeners, the SCR attempts its most ambitious mission to date: The Big Dig. Will the Big Dig restore hope and revitalize a community or will it simply fall at the hands of the government and become another statistic?

Join these environmental warriors as they green the hood for the good!

South Central Resistance and friends
Michael Greischar, Thenmozhi Soundarajan

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didiwakeyou, posted on August 17, 2014

When knocked down, the students stayed down for only a brief time. They got back up fairly quickly and will replant the Big Dig.How quickly you get up after being knocked down is key to the success anyone will have in their life. What a great bunch of kids.

Sheilah_s, posted on August 7, 2014

It's each of us that police each other to the "Rules" Gov'T, the Authorities etc., could do NOTHING without our support--if we all just did not comply anymore. There are too many of us to police if we but all said. " No. This is our World."

On the other side of this, I think they might have been able to get a permit. And if turned down to do so? It would have caused a Huge community and possible national backlash and change via social pressure might have gotten them the garden.

There are two ways to do things. I hope they then pursued the permit.

badu2us, posted on August 6, 2014

This will never stop. We are taking back, what has been illegally taken for us." OUR WORLD"! And they say it's for our own good, what they do to us. You know the story of the Wolf in Sheep's clothing? The Shepard has come for the few Sheep that are left, and he has the Town's People behind him!

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