Conversations with Remarkable People: Rev. Cecil L. Murray Video
Rev. Cecil L. Murray
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Conversations with Remarkable People: Rev. Cecil L. Murray (1999)

Episode 8
Available worldwide

Reverend Murray is a man of principle and a man of faith. He believes that when God is with you, you can do anything at anytime. Murray gives invaluable insight into common social issues, such as economic or racial struggles and offers keys that bring people together, regardless of class or character. He notices how the black church is about freedom and changing the way things are, while white church keeps things the way they are.

Reverend Murray delivers a timely wake-up call to our society recognizing that it is impossible for an underclass to rise unless it is also empowered by the upper class. With the benefit of his vision we can see significant ways in which we need to come together to help one another rise to the opportunities before us as a people.

Chantal Westerman
Rev. Cecil L. Murray


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