Reverse Exploration — Part 1 Video
Reverse Exploration — Part 1

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Reverse Exploration — Part 1 (2008)

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“Unknown and remote, this tribe is the most extraordinary one that we have ever observed. A strange people called the French.” So say Polobi and Mudeya, Papuan explorers from the village of Kobe Tumbiali in Papua New Guinea. At the invitation of a photographer friend, they have launched on an expedition in the heart of a very strange civilization: France. Fascinated by their new discoveries, the two Papuans are relentless: they want to explore everything, taste everything, and try everything.

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Jean-Marie Barrère

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nicole.lafleurdunil, posted on October 2, 2015

Last Spring I viewed this documentary (Parts I and II). It appears that some scenes were cut off. Why? They were some of the best, for example, when they went to see the doctor, when they went on Mont Blanc, when they went shopping to buy a suit, etc. Have they been removed or is there a Part III? Thanks for replying.

SKANYUH, posted on October 14, 2013

This so called "Reverse Exploration" offers a very "Forward Thinking"! Great work! I'm thankful for the insight of an vastly unknown fellow Earthen culture., posted on October 11, 2013

The Chief points out that Western society creates more devices to kill each other in war as if they do not value life. Another thought provoking comment they made of the pre-school age children in classrooms is that they will learn so much information that their knowledge may kill them in the future. That is a very excellent analysis of when we value information over quality of life. They had some hope for the Western world when they saw them honoring their ancestors in a parade on what we would call Veteran's day in the US. This action showed them that we still had respect for the work and contribution of our ancestors. The funniest but profound part is that they thought the French way of having so many utensils to eat with was bizarre. In essence we are so excessive that we even complicate eating. I got to laugh at myself when they pointed that out. I felt so sad when they pointed out something we do in our society. We do not give value to seniors who can be the greatest teachers and wisdom holders to the next generation. This film ought to be shown in schools.

dovefriends, posted on June 9, 2012

Even though I live in so called civilization of the west I observe the insanity of our way of life. I loved this film because a part of me observes the same way these characters ( and they are delightful characters) from Papua New Guinea saw life in France. What really makes me sad and still does is the isolation of our society especially with the old people. This was brought up in the film, as was poverty. This film should be shown everywhere so we can remember what we have lost more than what we have gained in our insane way of life. Saying that, the detailed thoughtfulness and generosity of the film crew was very touching..... a wonder full film experience.

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