The Right Person for the Job Video
The Right Person for the Job

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The Right Person for the Job (2014)

Not available in Japan

Jean, a recently unemployed 55-year-old, waits anxiously during his first time in a job interview center. When he is called to see 30-year-old Remi, he finds the interview to be a nightmare of rudeness. Remi, as it so happens, is eager to end his work day quickly, and the reason turns out to be a lesson in karma.

Pablo Pauly, Philippe Du Janerand, Laure Turner
Wilfried Méance
French, with English subtitles

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Login or sign upsign up to add a comment, posted on January 2, 2016

There is more to people than meets the eye. All people should be treated with respect not matter who they are, and all have something to contribute. The ones who don't would not be sitting at that desk trying to find a job. That young guy is the perfect example of what is wrong in today's workforce. Companies hire leaders who are intensive and don't care about people as a whole. I always say, what comes around, goes around! Karma!

lance.cordill, posted on December 28, 2015

With the exception of the daughter, I have been through this routine as a job seeker since 1999. If it wasn't for the tragic events of 9/11, I probably would never have had anything like the "full-time" employment being an activated reservist gave me. Flipping arrogant punks on the other side of the desk. Their day will come to live my experience soon enough. Bastards deserve every bit of the bull$#!+ they threw my way.

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