Markets of the World: Rio de Janeiro: Sao Cristovao  Video
Rio de Janeiro: Sao Cristovao

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Markets of the World: Rio de Janeiro: Sao Cristovao (2002)

Episode 5
Only available in United States

Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world and the city of Rio de Janeiro may not be the capital, but it is certainly the best know and visited city. It is a country of abundance, cast open spaces with a vast and population. Rio is truly a wonderful city where humanity is united in song dance and sport. This is exemplified in the Sao Cristovao market. It is and outdoor spectacle of canvas roofs and ropes where the public is the leading character.

The market was founded in 1945 when the people of the north east settled in search of a better life. When they set up their stands, it made this place a focal point and the market evolved from there. At nightfall, the market shows its true colors where its soul, music and dance, comes to life. Only at first light does the market sleep, only to awaken the next weekend. It has been like this for over 50 years.

Fraser Macnaught
Pascal Sarragot


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