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Robert Bly
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Conversations with Remarkable People: Robert Bly (1999)

Episode 4
Available worldwide

Why it is that men and women are still so angry with each other? Robert Bly and Chantal Westerman discuss how and why patriarchy has been damaging to both men and woman over the years, and its effect on family and society. Bly also talks about what he calls “the flattening of the culture,” and the problems that arise when there no longer exists a hierarchy or vertical line of respect for the important people in our immediate lives and society.

Chantal Westerman


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Robert Bly Video
Episode 4 Robert Bly
Robert Bly (1999)
Episode 4
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Chantal Westerman interviews Robert Bly, an award winning poet and author. In the interview, Robert discusses the problems with today’s families and society and what he calls “the flattening of society.”
Available worldwide

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SkyWatcher, posted on January 14, 2013

I so enjoyed, and learned from this Interview of Robert Bly. It still, and more so, holds true for today. As the Mother of four Sons, I was appreciating the advice to Mothers and how they can relate to their sons, not only for themselves, but especially for the benefit of their Children.

Being on this side of my 50's and understanding 'the Elder' importance, Robert Bly shows how men need love and guidance over their lifetimes, as well as women need it. What good advice to my heart as a mother, and as a woman. Just wait and it will come back. Circle around. There's hope. Give it time and work on your own Soul in the mean time.

Great Interview. Five Stars. The poetry Robert Bly so easily recites is lovely and meaningful.

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