Rumi: Poet of the Heart Video
Rumi: Poet of the Heart

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Rumi: Poet of the Heart (1998)

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Jelaluddin Rumi was born in 1207 and by the age of 37 had become a famous scholar and popular teacher. But his life changed forever when he met the powerful wandering dervish Shams of Tabriz. Rumi said, “What I had thought of before as God, I met today in a human being.”

An extraordinary esoteric friendship between the two men unfolded, and when Shams mysteriously disappeared, Rumi experienced a transformation from scholar to mystic poet. More than seven hundred years later, Rumi is the bestselling poet in America.

How did a Persian mystic poet of the 13th century become the bestselling poet in America? Rumi: Poet of the Heart explores how Rumi was discovered in the West and features two of the individuals responsible – Coleman Barks and Robert Bly.

Debra Winger, Coleman Barks, Robert Bly, Deepak Chopra, Huston Smith, Michael Meade, Hamza El Din
Haydn Reiss

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kcerkc_persi, posted on September 18, 2016

The music singing by musician is not Rumi's language

ajumaaree, posted on September 12, 2016

So touched by this. Grazie Mille to all!

fletcher88, posted on September 7, 2016

Where can I found the sound track? The musician is wonderful too who is he?

kennonward, posted on September 5, 2016

Listening to Rumi is much better than reading his poetry. He has many ways to caused me to think and re-evaluate many situations. The reed longing for the river bed; not mentioning the skill of the artisan that gave it life as a flute. That does put being a victim into perspective

franlambfran, posted on September 2, 2016

Coleman Barks is an awesome generous human, just by being!

azpiper11, posted on September 1, 2016

Don't miss this timeless wonderful capture. But it makes me wonder if Robert Bly and Robert Thurman are twins of an archetype - it's incredible how much alike they are.

Nidette, posted on September 3, 2016


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