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Running America

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Running America (2010)

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On September 13, 2008, Charlie Engle (from Running the Sahara) teamed up with Ultra-Marathoner Marshall Ulrich for his next expedition to press the human physical and mental strengths to their limits. This time the challenge was 3,063 miles in 46 days, starting in San Francisco and running to Times Square in New York.

To accomplish this record-breaking milestone, the runners would have to average close to seventy miles each day. Within the first steps of the journey, the story set out to be captured had changed. The country beneath Charlie and Marshall began to change.

This expedition delivered breathtaking running footage across the distinctive portraits of the American landscape. It delivered Charlie and Marshall, two super-human icons, experiencing humanizing emotions that can be related to by both the experienced and novice running enthusiast.

Running America captures one of the most defining and difficult years in American history as the platform and backdrop for an amazing and unpredictable expedition.

Charlie Engle, Marshall Ulrich
Kevin Kerwin

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apolk65, posted on July 9, 2014

Running the Sahara was much better. This movie was depressing with all of the sad American stories and political rambling in the background. Engle seemed like he had lost his push and desire from the very beginning. He had no family or cute girlfriend to support him. The end was anticlimactic, even though Ulrich finished the race. It just seemed like the focus was on the economy. I think a different angle would have made the movie more enjoyable

xyzpqj, posted on July 3, 2014

I have now watched both films with Charlie Engle and am utterly inspired by the feats these runners are doing

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