Open Minds: Sacred Bond between Animals and Humans with Linda Bender Video
Sacred Bond between Animals and Humans with Linda Bender
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Open Minds: Sacred Bond between Animals and Humans with Linda Bender (October 2013)

Season 3, Episode 14
Available worldwide

Animals are a vital part of our planet and an integral part of many homes. Though we share our lives, we lack a connection with our domestic companions. We can develop a spiritual rapport with our pets to overcome the language barriers and have a life-long friendship full of joy and understanding. Even in the last moments of their lives, this spiritual connection can bring them peace and serenity. Animal intuitive, Linda Bender explains how we can engage with animals, on a spiritual level, for the benefit of home and planet in this interview with Regina Meredith originally webcast October 1, 2013.

Linda Bender’s love of the natural world began in her childhood backyard. Her rapport with animals inspired her to earn a doctorate in veterinary medicine and her enduring interest in spirituality led her to study energy medicine. This combination culminated in the founding of the Mind the Gap Wellness Center in Cincinnati and a pet therapy program through the Ohio Mental Health Association and From the Heart nonprofit, as well as an upcoming book on the sacred relationship between humans and animals.

Regina Meredith
Linda Bender


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lynn19, posted on February 28, 2016

that nobody has commented on this extraordinarily powerful and cathartic presentation for 3 whole years! I surely hope that it has been being viewed, at least. As one who has had 9 Samoyed (ears pricked up at Regina's mention) dog children over 4 decades and at least that many cats, this program has brought up much to be regretted/ released. This has been in my 'to view' list for months now, but I could not go there. Today was the perfect day. I'm alone w/my 2 beautiful young pups, an 18 yr. old who is still hanging in there and a seriously ailing Norwegian Forest cat. Today I will be ready for the regrets and tears as I am renewed in faith that I'll be able to better handle what comes from the severing of the life entwining of beings with such a shorter life span than the humans they bless with their devoted dependence. With heartfelt gratitude for animal blessings and for those that work tirelessly for their welfare. Lynn

robinetterin9, posted on November 15, 2013

Little Kitty shared with me for 19 years and saw me through the toughest parts of my youth. She was sooo sweet. She would gift me with a butterfly kiss on my right eye as part of our cuddle time ritual. I received her as a gift from my five year old niece at my brothers house in Portland, Or. on July 11 1981. She was part of a seven sibling litter that had been born under the kitchen floor. We do not know how her mother had gotten under there as the place was sealed all around the cement foundation. They seemed to have arrived and survived magically for five weeks or so, for there with no way out for mom or the babies. We figured mice must have sustained mom. It was a miracle, for as far as we could tell there was no way in or out of that tiny space between the dirt and the underside of the floor & what about water? Anyway Adrienne kept saying "Baby crying" & and pointing at the floor. She tried to look through the slats and slapping at the floor. Well we were all chatting and could not hear the mews. She became stressed & insistent and and we dodo adults finally realized something was terribly amiss. LONG-SHORT. We had to saw a hole through the floor to rescue the family. Amazingly all were in perfect health and mom split out of the house in that lightning way cats do as the kittens scampered in every direction across the kitchen. My Little Kitty was presented to me from Adrienne's small loving hands with the words, "My Little Kitty for you Auntie, and she butterfly kissy too."
Fast forward 19 years: We had just moved to Switzerland for a one year job exchange program of my husbands company. It took one month to get a phone. My brother and his now grown daughter had agreed to house sit for our year away so I called asap to give the family the number etc. Horribly, I received the news that our beautiful Adrienne had been killed not long after we had departed. The trip had proven hard on My Little Kitty also as one month later her kidneys failed. As the Vet only spoke German his asst. told me in broken English that they could not save her, the toxins were throughout her blood. Heart broken, I asked, "Is she in pain?' "I not sure how you say, ah ya, excruciating!" They said we could take her home to say good-bye and bring her in next morning for the procedure. I said, "No, I cannot let her suffer so that I can indulge my need of her love." As I held her in my arms she looked into my soul (that eye to eye thing you talked about) I thanked her for the joy she had given me and the lessons learned together. Face to face in our daily ritual way I cuddled and said, "You are the best cat that ever lived" She gave me the most profound look of pure love I have ever seen softly reached up and gave me a butterfly kiss good-bye. Then passed peacefully away. It was July 11 1990. Exactly 19 years to the day my niece had blessed me with a miracle of life.

suniam, posted on November 9, 2013

Did you realize you said when discussing rabbits running across road when a car comes that you said 'What's Up' about that? (as in Bugs Bunny saying What's Up, Doc?' LOL - That was really funny especially because you didn't catch your own unintended pun. HA! Had fun with that one. :)

Puptart, posted on October 2, 2013

Dear Regina,

I'm so sorry that you lost your beloved dog. Dogs have such short lives, but then, they seem to come in with most of the lessons learned.

I aspire to be as good and caring a creature as is my dog. That special bond is such a wonderful gift.

I'm truly sorry for your heartbreak.

Thank your for the wonderful interview with Linda Bender.

Sue Sims

sydnidb, posted on October 2, 2013

I am praying that these two women who are claiming to "love animals" are vegan. Because valuing the lives of companion animals while condemning others to death for a meal is not actually loving animals. However, I appreciate and commend Bender's knowledge, and especially of what's happening over seas with poaching. Animals need to roam- and so many do not get to walk the land as they desire. It is heartbreaking. What we do to others, we do to ourselves. We enclose and enslave animals and we are also enclosing and enslaving ourselves.

"Game Animals". They are not "game". They are animals deserving our respect, not our weapons. It is not a game to point a weapon at an animal that has not signed up to play this horrible game with a hunter/poacher. I wish that this term wasn't even used in this interview because it just reinforces the ideas that animals were put here for our pleasure, which is the most ludicrous assumption made by our species.

We cannot value elephants over cows, or dogs over pigs, for example. When we do this it's speciest and causing major issues in our world like major environmental destruction and continuing an animal holocaust that is unparalleled in horror.

I would like to suggest to anyone reading this comment to check out Melanie Joy's book: Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows. It is profound. She also has her talk: Carnism the Psychology of Eating Meat available to watch on youtube. And as always I suggest The World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle PhD.

That lion- that picture with the lion- my heart is filled with love and broken at the same time for this being. May he be in peace.

All in all it is a beautiful interview. I wish there was more about what we can do to create a world that values all animals, but that's just me. Namaste.

snowman107, posted on October 1, 2013

WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!.... This was such a wonderful synchronicity to have seen this show today. I put my Great Dane to sleep last Thursday and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. He would have been eleven years old this month and I have been blessed to share in life with him since he was ten weeks old. I feel that watching this show was something he wanted me to do as it brought so much peace when Linda and Regina talked about euthanasia.

Thursday morning I woke up to find Frosty in distress, long story short, I knew this was the day. I forced myself to get ready for work as I began to cry and I gave Frosty his everyday morning kisses and told him what I always told him “Love you big boy and see you in a bit”. I cried all the way to gas station near work and decided I had to go back. I’m not the crying type… for crying out loud I was in the Marine Corps, a Hospice volunteer, families final arrangements at a mausoleum, I’m not suppose to cry. Yet the tears were flowing. What Linda said about listening from the heart is the very thing Frosty and I always did and he had told me he was ready.

Later that morning we had a vet appointment schedule and we went to the dog park for one last time. Frosty had been telling me the time was coming and the only thing he asked was that I not make him do it alone. Geez I think I cried all the way until the vet said “I’m going to give him the first of two shots now.” Then it happened, as his body relaxed so did mine. The tears stopped and the fog in the mind from what was going on turned into pristine clarity. I felt strength and I was able to talk him through his transcendence telling him what a good job he was doing, relax, let go, I love you buddy… “I love you super much” something I often said and of course he said “I love you too and see you in a bit!” I literally could feel in my body the tremendous relief he felt by leaving his.

A dear friend of mine had made contact with Frosty after he passed and she used the phrase “he wanted to keep his dignity”, just as Linda spoke of “dignity!” Linda gave me the assurance that last Thursday was a perfect day (and yes I’m crying again lol).

Thank you soooo much Regina and Linda! This interview has been a blessing!


pete_didy, posted on October 1, 2013

Dear Regina/GaiamTV,

This was a good interview, but yet upsetting to me. As I commented about Linda Tucker in your Michael Tellinger video and her "Mystery of the White Lions" book, this interview didnt pay any lip service to her. Linda Bender didnt even mention her, she worked under Credo Mutwa for years. It was actually her that worked to free the White Lion you showed along with another 7 to 8 more that are now free, she started a true sanctuary in South Africa and has an organization to continue such work. How could she not have mentioned her? Its like the whole interview tip-toed around her name. I kind of saw it in her eyes, give credit where it's due. Linda Benders website Calender even has an event mentioning "Sacred Shamans, White Lions Global Trust" with a picture of Credo Mutwa. White Lions Global trust is the organization Linda Tucker started. The shamans of South Africa called her the White Lion keeper or some thing of that sort. I know if Credo Mutwa was watching this interview he would have easily mention her work when it comes to the White Lions, a lot of information of Lion and Eagle Shamanism is broken down in her work, thanks to there relationship.

benderlinda7, posted on October 1, 2013

I would like to respond to the comment that I did not mention Linda Tucker in my interview with Regina.
First, you are correct, you saw it in my eyes - I have deep love and respect for Linda Tucker. Linda is a treasured personal friend of mine and we have supported each other over the years.
Absolutely, her name should have been included, my mistake! There was so much information to cover, so many people to praise. Promise to make it up next time.
Sincerely, Linda Bender

pete_didy, posted on October 2, 2013

Dear Linda,

Thank you, your interview was filled with a lot of love and wisdom. Thank you for the kind reply as well, I appreciate it. Yes, there are so many to mention, I just had to say what my gut was saying; but never the less I love what you all do and look forward to your future interviews. Blessings!

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