Sanctuary: A New Life for Research Chimps Video
Sanctuary: A New Life for Research Chimps

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Sanctuary: A New Life for Research Chimps (2001)

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Gloria Grow is a determined animal lover who has created a retirement sanctuary near Montreal. These chimpanzees have lived a life of hell in biomedical research labs. They are still behind bars, but now, their days of pain and terror are behind them. The cages here are roomy, and the loving care they get here is a far cry from what they experienced at the lab.

This compelling documentary is a story about the sacrifices and successes that Gloria made to make the sanctuary a reality. It has always been her dream, and she has dedicated her life to making it come true.

Arthur Black
Bruce Martin, Christian Brutere

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loveandgradtitude, posted on November 24, 2013

It is not fair that these innocent animals were infected with HIV & all the other horrible stuff that has happened to them. I couldn't stop crying watching this. Gloria is a HERO for saving and loving them. This show is life changing. Thank you for all that you guys do for these animals.

tuchon09, posted on August 22, 2013

The best and most of human can return to these chimps after all horrible medical researchs were done to them ! This is the wonderful couple! I am questioning why the big profits on developed drugs are not required pay any money for the care of these chimps? Why do we have laws prosecuted anyone who committed a cruelty to an animal and all the research companies/universities could do much worse in the name of science? of human benefits or for money... ? The drug companies should plan to spend a percentage of their profit to take care of the researched chimps and it should be legal requirements. This film changes my respect for the animal researchers.

lrfwhipple, posted on October 21, 2012

I love what Ms. Grow is doing and applaud her courage & determination. Video was informative, but did not disclose more than I could take of what goes on in the labs and focused mainly on the new life she and her team have been able to give the chimpanzees and, in turn, what they have discovered about chimpanzees--how very much like us they are, and how close we really are to each other. Conclusion: laws need to be passed that would require the alleviation of suffering as much as possible in the labs and that would require all these chimpanzees be given such sanctuary after having spent their lives in confinement for research purposes.

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