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Saskatchewan 1
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Guides and Gurus: Saskatchewan 1 (2004)

Episode 7
Only available in United States

The Cree people of Saskatchewan have suffered much devastation over the past several generations. Turning to their ancient healing tradition, they have learned how to heal themselves and thrive. Ray Levalee is a Cree Medicine Man whose compassion is clearly evident as he explains his traditions with a straight forward, matter of fact style. He invites us into his home as he displays his medicines and explains their uses and discusses how some of the healing ceremonies work. He explains that the medicine is not just for the Cree people, but for everyone. We also meet Norma Jean Bird, a Cree Elder that has learned Cree healing from her grandfather and teaches her traditions to eager new generations. She explains, to us, the values that she passes on and how life is a balance of the four directions of the medicine wheel. Meet these two amazing healers who carry on their ancient healing traditions as they pass it on to the coming generations with great respect and compassion.

Maggie Siggins


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