The Science of Positivity Video
The Science of Positivity

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The Science of Positivity

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In this vinyasa practice, Mary Clare Sweet teaches you how to practice positivity and create beneficial and skillful habits you can take with you off the mat. It is proven that when you focus on the positive, you radically increase potential in your life. Start to align your attitude with your desire and watch the possibility unfold.


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robinmuller_insightyoga, posted on September 11, 2016

What a beautiful practice - I loved how you inserted the science and ancient wisdom of the poses. This is surely one of the best practices that I have seem so far on Gaia.
I would like to know the significance of lying the side that is the clearest when coming up from Savasana?
Thank you

Scales15, posted on September 9, 2016

This class offered many new postures that made it playful and I found myself more present. Breath, philosophy and guidance was also beautiful. I'm ready to shine through the day! Thank you for a wonderful class!

unruly26, posted on September 4, 2016

I enjoyed the workout but thought the crossing arms repeatedly ended up hurting my shoulders after awhile...=[

valerieagall, posted on April 15, 2016

A great practice to awaken my inner happiness once again. Thanks MC, for reminding me happiness is a choice just as much as a feeling! Loved some of those deep hip stretches as well, very much so needed.

veda, posted on February 3, 2016

A challenging practice with Mary Clare's comforting voice and positive affirmations, encouraging our movements and offering visualizations of a happier you! There are arm/shoulder twists, downward dog and a bit of knee stress, for those that struggle in these areas, but such a wonderful release, my favorite was the "flying angel" pose, it felt amazing and I will incorporate this into my daily routine! Thank you! Mary Clare Sweet is always such a beautiful spirit, you can't help but be happy!

Tata, posted on January 23, 2016

Great playful practice with a very encouraging philosophical focus, thank you MC! Really enjoyed it.

maryclaresweet, posted on January 23, 2016

wonderful! so glad you enjoyed. peace to you!

tsqrddo, posted on January 21, 2016

Excellent heat building, unwinding practice using Eagle Arms to unlock all sorts of stuck energy I didn't even know was stuck! Super Class

maryclaresweet, posted on January 23, 2016

love this feedback! "unwinding" so magical! peace!!!

thesscoob, posted on January 20, 2016

Just fabulous!

taraglaude, posted on January 19, 2016

What a wonderful practice. I have been in a bit of a rut, physically and mentally, and I am always struggling to be more positive. This was perfect, Mary Clare Sweet you are such a beautiful soul and your words have as much impact as your moves. I cannot thank you enough :)

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on January 19, 2016

@TARAGLAUDE, we appreciate your comment on this practice with Mary Clare Sweet. You can always add this to your playlist to watch again later!


frankielee, posted on January 15, 2016

absolutely positively gracious and beautiful.

drcoopa, posted on December 30, 2015

Thank you for such a beautiful and appropriately challenging offering!

jchokain7yoga, posted on November 11, 2015

Thanks Mary Clare Sweet. I always enjoy your classes, and benefitted from the talk on positivity and the practice to support it. Sequences challenged my habit patterns in asana and laid some new neural networks on different ways to move. Thanks for challenging me, and reminding me to keep my eyes eagle on positivity! Namaste.

hashbrown70, posted on November 11, 2015

I really enjoyed this class doing some unusual transitions and variations on classic poses. As always great teaching and positive guidance from MC Sweet. Blooming marvellous!! :-)

heh2, posted on October 26, 2015

I love this class. MC is such a creative empowering teacher. I feel as if I could tackle the world right now:).

a4d, posted on November 1, 2015

Perfect timing, effort, spiritual connection. I feel beautiful

kmerk306, posted on October 25, 2015

Struggling greatly with stress and positivity. As a result my neck and shoulders were killing me. I feel totally open and ready to change my attitude! Following my breath and my vision. Many thanks!

forstefany, posted on October 23, 2015

I loved this practice. MC has such a great attitude. Not to serious and not so peppy that its annoying. There are a LOT of arm twist in this one, so it isn't a video I would do every week. But I like how it is a video that is totally doable for a beginner, but mixes things up enough to be fun for someone who has been doing yoga for a while. Also, thank you for making longer videos MC!

duonganh1305, posted on October 20, 2015

Absolutely love this class! Feel relaxed and liberated afterwards. I wonder why i cannot download this to purple player for offline streaming?

KatiaYoga, posted on October 20, 2015

Thank you for another fantastic class, MC! I love all the creative variations with Garudasana. My shoulders feel fantastic this morning and I'm ready to enjoy the day. Namaste.

sisterofenlightenment, posted on October 18, 2015

Love this class as well as the other classes, thank u!

FaithI, posted on October 18, 2015

Really appreciated the creative use of eagle arms and using them in multiple sets throughout the practice. Great practice and just what I needed today!

milosarah, posted on October 17, 2015

Love the idea behind this practice and one of my favorite teachers, but this really tweaked my shoulders after a bit. Maybe some modifications could be offered?

christiana.lackner, posted on October 16, 2015

Experienced some fun new motions/transitions that definitely focused me. Your verbal guidance is excellent. Feel very relaxed and centered after this practice. thank you!

maryclaresweet, posted on October 18, 2015

great to hear christiana! the benefits of yoga practice are innumerable, but in my opinion the relaxation and centering is one of the greatest!!

natalieball, posted on October 16, 2015

Thank you SO MUCH MC for helping me open up my shoulders. Just what mummy needed after picking up/carrying my son around all week! You are such a sweet soul :)

maryclaresweet, posted on October 18, 2015

sending you LOVE momma!!! Your son is so lucky to have you! I delight in the bond that starts in the strength of the soul and is shared with our kiddos! xox

agabandzul, posted on October 16, 2015

It works!!! I feel happy ever after:)) doing this practice with you Mary Clare! Thank you for making my day beatiful;)

maryclaresweet, posted on October 18, 2015

you uncovered the beauty inside of your SELF!!! Lovely to be a part of the process. xox

Apanakhi, posted on October 15, 2015

I have delighted in your instruction for several years now. You are amazing, MC Sweet, and I love your positivity!

maryclaresweet, posted on October 18, 2015

thank you very much! it is a beneficial way to live and to raise the vibe of our communities. sending you light and love!

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