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In Dreams: Searching Dreams (2007)

Episode 3
Only available in Canada, United States

In Cathy’s recurring dream, the struggling actress searches a castle for an elusive prize.

Senior citizen Alice repeatedly dreams that she is back in high school, looking in vain for her classroom.

You are the expert on your dreams; they are your life, your experiences and your feelings. Your unconscious is very wise.

Gavin Smith


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Episode 3 Searching Dreams
Searching Dreams (2007)
Episode 3
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In Cathy’s recurring dream, the struggling actress searches a castle for an elusive prize.
Only available in Canada, United States
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Only available in Canada, United States

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radiotech10, posted on September 11, 2016

I came across this title about having dreams about searching and knew I had to listen to it. I am 48 years old and for many years I had a repetitive dream about searching. Low and behold my own dream is exactly the dream that this lady was having about searching for her classroom. As I continued to listen, I became a bit freaked out to hear nearly the exact recollection of the details in my own searching dreams. I would dream that I was wandering the halls over and over trying to find the classroom that I was supposed to be in. I would peek in a class to see if I recognized anyone and then continue on. I also went to the school office to ask for a print out of the schedule of classes I was supposed to have and they would always look at me crazy before they would eventually print out my schedule YET AGAIN from the last time I was there. I also could not find my locker. In addition I would often wander the school parking lot searching for my car but could never find it! This is soooo freaky! I can say that I no longer have this dream but it did haunt me for many years long after I had finished school. Its just really amazing to me the similarities I had with this womans dreams.

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