Stranger than Fiction: Secret Assassins of MK Ultra Video
Secret Assassins of MK Ultra
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Stranger than Fiction: Secret Assassins of MK Ultra (1998)

Episode 8
Only available in Canada, United States

The assassinations of well loved public figures capture the ire and intrigue of the people. They demand answers about who would want such a person dead and why. Yet they are met with silence or obvious subterfuge. Often times, the convicted killers stood to gain little, if anything, from their murderous plot. Even stranger is that most of these killers have no recollection or understanding of what they have done.

Deep behind the scenes, hidden from the inquiring eyes of the public, are the figures who benefit from the deaths of these popular leaders. Could it be that they are running covert programs to create secret assassins? With leaked documents and survivors of such training programs, the secret is being revealed.

Nigel Pegram
Lorne Townend


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lauraburnell2681, posted on December 22, 2013

MK Ulyta is real and has been used on many for various purposes...

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