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Secret of Water

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Secret of Water (2015)

Not available in Russian Federation

Water – a living substance, the most common and least understood. It defies the basic laws of physics, yet holds the keys to life. Known to ancients as a transmitter to and from the higher realms, water retains memory and conveys information to DNA.

However, water can die if treated poorly. Influences such as sound, thoughts, intention and prayer, as well as toxins such as chlorine, structure water’s molecular arrangement – affecting all it comes in contact with. Prominent scientists help reveal the secret of water, allowing us to use this amazing element to heal ourselves and our planet.

Jirka Rysavy, Saida Medvedeva

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debjen, posted on September 5, 2016

I feel this might be the most important film I've seen yet on gaia.
Thank you

jutatipk, posted on May 4, 2016

What a blessing it is. My gratitude for water increased 100 folds. My prayer is for the entire planet to sense this love and gratitude for water.

a_dudhmande, posted on April 30, 2016

Since i was a child, my parents used to tell me to pray everyday before we used to eat our meals. Never really understood the science behind it and eventually gave up the good habit.... However .... today this documentary unfolded the secret to me.... Will do the prayers everyday from now.. with even greater belief, intention and most important, the understanding... Thank you Gaiam TV for sharing this wonderful science.

jm_abram, posted on April 29, 2016

If we could only convince big GOV and corporations on the most sacred necessity of Clean Water and Clean Soil. quite disheartening to watch the sabotage of this most precious gift. I live near Lake Erie with Toxic Algae Blooms, yet the local farmers, sewage plants and GOV are NOT doing enough, but merely covering up information for their own self benefit. it's a quite overwhelming fight. But as an individual, I can only educate and Bless the water in my closest environment.

lucidchi, posted on April 27, 2016

Thank you!
As a Clairvoyant , a Bodyworker & medical intuitive & Spiritual teacher, I have intuitively known this like many, and had that validated by seeing docu's on water & memory years back. I think this is one of the better ones!
I will be looking at the energies of and around the water because I find myself asking questions as a child would...wondering if water is some what like the physical manifestation of the akashik records, which is spirit holding space in a sense. Wondering who would be the waters record keeper? I will absolutely be looking at that & the energy of water in its 3 to now 4 states, along with t water of collective and water of the few of us in Unity consciousness. exciting.

jbrand1997, posted on April 25, 2016

Wow - there was a lot of great information in this documentary. I remember living in a major city in which the dog would walk away from the tap water but would drink bottled water. Luckily I took his cue and only drank bottled water. Amazing that water retains information. Makes one wonder.

uber_clause, posted on June 17, 2016

dogs don't like the smell of chlorine... that's why they will also drink from the toilet after the chlorine evaporates from the toilet bowl water. So... if you still want to take his cue ;)

therighttouch1, posted on April 25, 2016

This was just amazing loved it...I will prayer on my water all the time..goes to show the true connection to the universe and mother earth...

llampkin, posted on April 9, 2016

A better understanding of why I may have re-acted to another person when they asked what did I care about them flushing 12 000 liters down the drain for nothing. Then followed by another question, "what's your point" when filing a complaint against above mentioned person. I could never understand how one event in my life would have such a huge impact.

claudio.berchtold, posted on April 5, 2016

Hello can you please make this documentation avaiable on purple player?
Thank you!

cipponescharm, posted on April 3, 2016

one of the best and informative and relevent documentary I've ever seen!

lindseymcphee, posted on March 27, 2016

This is a wonderful documentary. Thank you for sharing!!

LeftField, posted on February 8, 2016

Must see if you want to live!

dan.crouthamel, posted on December 26, 2015

I really enjoyed this documentary. I wonder if I should start distilling my own water :)

jjmusicla2, posted on December 21, 2015

What a great documentary. Thank you Gaia TV for sharing this. It will change my life.

*If anyone has tips on the best way to drink water, serve, store etc.. Please share.

LeftField, posted on February 9, 2016

Best off reading what the experts have to say. Check out for info on ozonated water, the aqua pure site for alkaline (and now the addition of hydrogen ions) or just buy a distillation unit then remineralise the water (Himalayan salt). See Emoto's book also. There are also some beautiful "structured water" receptacles that have been blown in consciousness of the golden mean and have love and gratitude engraved on them. They used to be advertised in Nexus Magazine. Using this after distillation is a good idea. Another way to remineralise is by adding a small amount of organic raw apple cider vinegar. Hope I haven't confused you more. Search on line though, my info may be superseded by now and I'm not an expert. Love and Gratitude!

jjmusicla2, posted on February 13, 2016

Thanks for all the great info :)

nishantjain8, posted on December 15, 2015

You will never look at water the same way again after watching this film Thankyou :)

newdirection7, posted on December 8, 2015

Love and Gratitude!!!

pjjonthelake, posted on November 28, 2015


Tears run down my cheeks in gratitude for this beautiful sharing of truth AND with love for all those who are not yet aware …

Sacred Water .. may it always be available for all beings, Ho!

yasmeen.aidin, posted on November 23, 2015

What a wonderful documentary! Thank you. I am so grateful.

elena.keegan, posted on November 19, 2015

Beautiful knowledge. I loved the song at the end.

Judith.LightFeather, posted on November 12, 2015

Will you ever release this film for education? Every child should be exposed to this information in K-12 classrooms as part of the new STEM education. My second book in the 'Nano in Nature Series K-5' combines the geometry (math) of Water and how it flows in nature. Using videos, games, interactive resources in the classrooms as we develop STEM lessons is the future of education. Please let me know if your film could be included as a resource for this project. Thank you for your time and consideration. Respectfully. Judith Light Feather.

itamarerezmusic, posted on November 10, 2015

I am curious about reverse osmosis after seeing this movie. Beautiful movie!

LeftField, posted on February 7, 2016

Reverse osmosis inlay removes chemical contaminants. Resulting water is clean from a chemical perspective but it is not alive. Mainstream sciences don't know how to measure he life force of water, they think it's h2o. That's like saying we are carbon and a few other chemicals... Which fits the draconian biomedical model very profitably.

louana, posted on November 8, 2015

This should be part of any school program on the planet. Merci for this truly informative documentary.
I read also that the Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Luc Montagnier ( discovering the AIDS virus back in 2008) has found DNA produces structural changes in water and that water has a memory.
Not arguing at the table anymore and I am carefull with whom I have lunch with at work :)
Love & Gratitude to GaiamTV !

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on November 9, 2015

We appreciate your thoughtful comments on the film!

All the best,

dadadadunt, posted on October 18, 2015

I am a history teacher and did the Emoto rice water experiment with my students with amazing results. The rice that received love and positivity stayed completely intact while the rice that received the negativity and hatred turned into absolute pudding. The ignored rice turned to pudding as well. If you are a classroom teacher this should be a required experiment. It really changed my students outlook on life.

ginalola, posted on September 28, 2015

LOVE & GRATITUDE.. that is amazing , beautiful and makes so much sense to my soul!

LuckyBee, posted on September 27, 2015

Fantastic documentary - really informative and thought provoking. Will never look at water the same nor take it for granted. What a beautiful life giving substance.

patsykimbro, posted on September 21, 2015

Very thorough and I shall never look at water the same way.. It is more like the Divine, at least it can be rehabbed back to life.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on September 22, 2015

We appreciate your comment! We're glad you found the film inspiring.


cbank63, posted on July 27, 2015

Thank you Gaiam...

chandira2012, posted on July 18, 2015

Thank you Gaiam for bringing this to Gaiam TV!
Water has consciousness and responds to our thoughts, intentions, and prayers, no matter in what language!
We will never look at water the same way again!
Love and gratitude are the most powerful positive attributes in this world and water shows and proves it to us!

stella0799, posted on July 9, 2015

We love the program, it is very educational and informative. We should appreciate every mouthful of water from now on.
Thank you for this wonderful production.

anay7, posted on July 2, 2015

What an awesome research and its findings. Thank you for sharing it. Nice one GAIAM, thank you.

earlymorning, posted on July 7, 2015

Thank you for this, so well done.
I love the song at the end.

sonya.girard, posted on June 29, 2015

If we can love ourselves, we transform water into love. This just may be the key to changing our world/consciousness for the better. Thank you for this amazingly informative, beautiful film!

georgic, posted on June 27, 2015

As a Homeopath I have a special affinity with water since we make our remedies in and dispense those remedies in Distilled Water. Thanks so much for producing this documentary and thanks GaiamTV for placing it in the feature presentations.

charwashington, posted on June 27, 2015

I just watched this file and it is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I've been drinking Alkaline Water since March 2015 and the improvement in my health is absolutely stunning: skin cleared up, energy level improved, weight loss, hair growth...I can go on and on regarding the wonders of Alkaline Water and how it manifests health into the body and bloodstream to create an harmonious environment for cells to function at its optimal level. I believe it is very important to speak words of love and gratitude to my water. It seems weird (according to one of my critics) but I don't care...I do it because it does feel what I'm projecting through the "sound" of my voice and it gives back to me...good health and life. I would encourage any and all to start drinking Alkaline Water. There's a store in Los Angeles (where I live) where I purchase my Alkaline Water, it's called ALKA WATER, 8517 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035, (323) 208-6411. They sell the water in BPA free bottles (3 gallon and 5 gallon) and they sell the Alka units you can install/uninstall in your home/apt. After seeing this film, I am even more encouraged to not only continue drinking my Alka water but to get the word out to others about its amazing properties. God Bless all of the researchers, scientists, and people who from our past and present who have enlightened us with this fascinating and crucial information. I am forever Grateful with Love

Jimirod, posted on June 26, 2015

I usually don't watch this kind of material on the nature of things but this is explosive information and shows how intention drives the outcome of our existence.
I was particularly impressed by the research of how water carries emotion. How our attitude affects the outcome of our desires. Positive thoughts seem to have lateral support and the water sympathizes all around us no mater if it's in us or in others.

doktor sleepless, posted on June 26, 2015

Ahhh, once again Doktor Sleepless is all WET!
Store THAT info you water molecule you!

rustypaladin, posted on June 25, 2015

After watching this, it confirms so much of what I've read from such visionaries as Dr. Masaru Emoto and others. I now give thanks every day to the water I drink and am planning on doing so on every occasion I find. Fascinating and entertaining as well!

Candrews, posted on June 24, 2015

What a great reminder for the magic of water, thank you!

RosemaryB, posted on June 24, 2015

Understanding that Water is a true Living Being/Element is extraordinary. What I understood is that I can "have a relationship" with Water and that it responds to me.... How mind boggling... It's yearning to maintain its program of Life and Purity astounds me and touches me to the uttermost part of my Being. What a gift! I am honored. Thank you
Gratitude Eternal

buddhafull, posted on June 23, 2015

WOW!!! What a beautiful and educational production. Now I realize what a miracle water is.

susan.ravagni, posted on June 21, 2015

thank you for this beautiful movie

Teal, posted on June 20, 2015

We have seen some of this information in different sources yet the way this has pulled it all together beautifully we will never look at water the same again. In gratitude for your work in creating this video and for the source of life we are graced with.

Many thanks!

Quat6, posted on June 20, 2015

Great working putting this information together with beautiful images and video. I would like to have seen more about the Russian breakthroughs on understanding water, new technology that has emerged from the new understanding. Also should include info on other approaches to treating city water other than prayer. The great grandfathers of this research, Schuaberger is mentioned too briefly. Grander is not mentioned at all. Glad Emoto's work was shared as well as the nameless others who created ways to test waters vitality. Who are these new scientists, and what are their views today. Like many of the information programs on Giamtv, it just isn't scholarly enough. I am left thirsty for more information to create a life and social change, but not clear where to find wisdom and guidance.

Donovan, posted on June 24, 2015

well said.

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