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Secrets of Alchemy

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Secrets of Alchemy (2004)

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Jay Weidner journeys from the shores of southern France through alchemical Europe, ancient Egypt and Peru, to decode the powerful and haunting message of the Great Cross of Hendaye. Along the way, he reveals some of the deepest secrets of the ancient western tradition of alchemy: the knowledge of the fatal season of the apocalypse, the end of time and the great and imminent transformation of humanity.

Weidner opens the door to a new view of the intimate relationship between myth, history, science and the true destiny of humanity. In doing so, the ultimate meaning underlying the resurrection of Christ, the message of the book of Revelations, the vision of Ezekiel, and the kabbalistic concept of the restoration of the world, are revealed.

Jay Weidner

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heartinmotion888, posted on August 14, 2016

perhaps you might consider fengshui cycles of 20 years instead....we are now in the period of 8...and it began in 2004 and ends in 2024...period of theEARTH element...then the final cycle of nine..which is the FIRE ELEMENT...for the next completion of ~~~??? 20 would this all tie your insights...of events,,??

dbgate, posted on March 26, 2016

Very interesting stuff. I looked this up here (at Gaia) and was not disappointed. I don't come to all the same conclusions, but Jay (and Sharon) present a lot of complex material -- in the context of Jay's personal story with it -- in an inviting and understandable way. How interesting that the cross shld point the way to Peru to -- a place of (more or less) stable natural portal/s. A word of caution: Most esoteric wisdom is an enigma hidden within a enigma. There is almost always an element contained within it to lure the profane -- and thus guarantee its survival thru dark ages . . .

I have been contemplating the meaning behind the cross (and or X) for the past year or so, and I continue to stumble across connections with what is going on in earth's inner core and the changes occurring within our magnetic field.

eaglewray, posted on February 1, 2016

I found Jay Weidner's research and investigation trail through the mystery inherent in the symbolism of alchemy, as it applies to both the microcosmic and macrocosmic relationships outlined, revelatory, and well integrated, with the hidden history of ancient civilizations we are still uncovering, in South America, and other parts of the globe, responding to a catastrophic cycle, by seeking refuge in expansive underground caverns and extensive complexes, which ties in well with Corey Goode's assertions in Cosmic Disclosure: The Secret Space Program. Apocalypse, or Blue Kachina, ancient cultures found ways to record such events, through symbolism that encoded a dualistic meaning, on both a microcosmic, and macrocosmic level. As Above, So Below.

elena.keegan, posted on January 27, 2016

I find this information very interesting.

threebirdsdream, posted on August 26, 2015

Through a short series of synchronicites I watched this film again today. The first time I viewed it was October of 2014. At that time I found it dull and plodding and the juggling of letters for translation on the Cross of Hendaye just silly. But enfolded many things I have been studying...including many hours listening to Terrance McKenna speak of alchemy...and today it all made sense.

paularmstrong1956, posted on August 19, 2015

What a great bit of detective work , I doff my hat to you my friend .

jusjfow, posted on December 14, 2014

...or the mason could have had poor grammar-penmenship/chiseling-spelling skills, but bid the lowest on the project so was awarded the job along with the ability to feed self & family or simply made it for the church and donated it; never knowing that hundreds of years later people would force meaning onto the work; i'm sure he or she would roll over in their grave if they heard this as well as the Mayan who created the calendar! lol doom and gloom end of the world stuff when its supposed to only be a cross... or in the other example only a calendar ... not a dooms day clock
preposterous, posted on November 13, 2014

That was interesting, but at the same time extremely aggravating. Why do humans Earthlings and their stupid masters have to make everything so complicated? It could all be so simple, but they chose the most difficult way possible to evolve. All this b.s. better be worth it...

Erich Hunter, posted on November 7, 2014

Don't watch if you want to be entertained. Quite dull. It's like a dissertation turned into a film. Speculative and esoteric.

This movie had nothing to do with alchemy per se.

eliz1ward, posted on October 17, 2014

I found this film to address many of the "pieces of the puzzle" that have been presenting themselves to me lately. It's all so fascinating and mind-blowing! I am especially interested in knowing more about photons and DNA, how we can take in light like a form of photosynthesis, and how this will affect our evolution. Amazing film - thank you for producing it, Jay!

stusmith, posted on October 13, 2014

Can you get his other programs Gaiam?

impossiblebutterfly, posted on July 16, 2014

I found the narration to be somewhat monotone and dry but I guess there was no budget for this and it isn't what you would call a 'genuine' production. I enjoyed the wealth of information and the narrator's journey.

denisbouffard2011, posted on March 22, 2014

Alchemy seems to me more of individual investigation of Self and hence the refinement of one's Nature and not this authors aggrandizement of objective investigation of all else outside in the phenomenal world.

denisbouffard2011, posted on March 22, 2014

The original idea of syncronicity was the investigation of meaning as pertinent to an individuals research of self, not as conclusions set out by this investigators penchatnt of looking for prediction of events.

csm4692, posted on March 16, 2014

And I'm glad we've made it.

Terry.Mack1, posted on October 9, 2014

All the gloom and doom of December 21, 2012 turned out to be bust! Next...!

a06colbolt, posted on February 26, 2014

Thank you Jay Weidner for this incredible video. Thank you for NOT giving up on your research and bringing us this priceless information to the masses. Thank you!

jaredbroker, posted on November 9, 2013

When I hear double catastrophe, it makes me think of the double torus model of vacuum energy. When we cross this plane of the galaxy, we probably get some interesting energy blasts.

Also, apocalypse actually means unveiling of truth, not destruction. A great unveiling of secrets is going on right now in our human civilization. Be well everybody.

mail9, posted on November 9, 2013

there is some massive synchronicity goin on in this dudes life

Kpmcclintic, posted on July 18, 2013

I am very impressed by the huge amount of time and effort that Weidner has sacrificed to collect and arrange this important information . This film has drawn many puzzling images and themes together for us. A deep thanks goes out to Jay Weidner and all the artful people who helped make this film.

saskiastars, posted on May 9, 2013

I can't believe that I have missed this video - thought I had seen all of Jay's work. Amazing. Life changing.

jennylatrobe88, posted on September 29, 2016

This video is not working. So sad

chuayffetliz, posted on October 4, 2016


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