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Secrets to a Healthy Home

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Secrets to Health: Secrets to a Healthy Home (December 2013)

Season 1, Episode 12
Available worldwide

From cookware to toothpaste and air fresheners, the average American home is full of toxic products. Education is the first step in learning about the dangers of these hazardous items and replacing them with natural, healthier ones. Mike Adams and Dr. Ed Group, DC discuss some of the most toxic household products and give us natural alternatives.

Dr. Ed Group DC, Mike Adams


How to Recognize and Avoid GMOs Video
Season 1, Episode 1 How to Recognize and Avoid GMOs
How to Recognize and Avoid GMOs (September 2013)
Season 1, Episode 1
, 32 minutes
In this inaugural episode of Secrets to Health, health experts Dr. Ed Group DC and Mike Adams explain what GMOs are, and how their altered structure is toxic to the human body.
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Season 1, Episode 2 Fake Foods Exposed
Fake Foods Exposed (October 2, 2013)
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Just what's in your morning blueberry bagel? You may not want to know.
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Toxic Beverages Exposed Video
Season 1, Episode 3 Toxic Beverages Exposed
Toxic Beverages Exposed (October 2013)
Season 1, Episode 3
, 30 minutes
Soda, milk, energy drinks and tap water are all staples of the American diet. Unfortunately, they’re also toxic to the human body.
Available worldwide
Exposing Household Radiation Video
Season 1, Episode 4 Exposing Household Radiation
Exposing Household Radiation (October 2013)
Season 1, Episode 4
, 30 minutes
We’re exposed to electromagnetic fields and radiation on a daily basis, and we may not even know it – but the effects can be dire and long-lasting.
Available worldwide

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abby6, posted on June 17, 2015

thanks very much for this. i stopped using this ca ca years ago. i only use castille soap. equally poisonous is polyester and man-made fabrics, i wear either silver plate or cotton, organic if i can get it, or hemp cloth. no teflon for at least 8 years or so. the only product i still use from your collection there is Dr. Brommer's because I cannot get organic oil bulk and it does not pay for me to make my own soap, I tried, it's same price for ingredients Dr. Brommer uses.

baking soda and borax also make a good bath. baking soda in water is good for getting rid of dog and cat piss smell. water has to be steam distilled to remove flourides. No commercial products use steam distilled water, some use "filtered" flouridated water. For this reason, I do not drink anything I did not prepare myself, I decline drinks outdoors, no coffees, teas, no water in restaurants and I also avoid restaurants. No bottled drink other than organic juice and wine is safe, including beer, if it is made with flouridated water.

i used to spend about a hundred or so a month on products that you have there, back about 20 years ago when I was working before I began reading about the same issues you now attempt to educate the public about. i slowly eliminated almost everything. i end up spending only about $50 every two months or so on a gallon of the soap, and $10 for a small bottle of clove oil. i do not buy or use any other cosmetic, cleaning product, not for cooking, floors, pets, laundry or personal use. I do use salts, epsom and dead sea salt, not pacific ocean salt (radioactive). No artificial fragrances. No pharmaceuticals. No processed food other than ghee, almond milk and very few exceptions. I use no dentists, no medical services and have had no need to seek such in about a decade. I have reduced weight and spending. I have fewer cravings, complaints and I live more simply.

the two of you agree on substance but disagree on "how." I see a great need for using less, consuming less, not spending more for "green" products with fewer ingredients. Toss the TV and do not read or listen to any advertising at all. Make your own decisions. Once you do not care what anyone thinks and have no idea what is trendy because you have stopped listening to propaganda, then don't even go to the old shops. Shop online. make a list and stick to it. eventually you can create a home which has almost no processed anything. It might be a bit Amish, but then Amish, IMHO will survive because their lifestyle is healthy and pure.

I am not Amish, you do not have to be, but it's the right direction. Use less. You are what you eat and what you consume. Consume less.

shane.mchan, posted on July 5, 2014

Love the show, I just finished the entire season and I'm hooked. I know Mike Adams and Dr. Group are very busy, but I hope they schedule some time to get back together and keep the show going. Very entertaining and educational.

cathy_cockey, posted on March 13, 2014

I too have learned many practical ways to improve my family's health from listening to these episodes! Please bring Ed and Mike back!

lisarobinson, posted on March 10, 2014

My family and I LOVED this series! We watched all of them together and really learned a lot. Please, please consider another season of this show. So fantastic and we miss it!!!

sondralou80, posted on January 10, 2014

I tried a few of the store bought natural deodorants and they didn't work well for me personally. What I found that does work well for me is a mixture of baking soda, corn starch, unrefined coconut oil and a few drops of essential oils :)

sylgr84, posted on December 31, 2013

Thank you for those 12 episodes. I hope i'll see you for a second season! You have made a difference in my life! Yes you made me changed my diet. I eat a lot more organic, i've totally stop drinking cola, i use bragg appel cider vinegar, i bough detoxadine, stop drinking fluoride water, stop fluoride toothpast. More to come. It's been two months since and i must say that i feel good! A lot better than before and it's in big part because of you, Dr. Group and Mr. Adams. Happy new year!

NakDak, posted on December 25, 2013

My aren't we arrogant and above all others to say that people are 'delusional' trying to be green driving a prius and using tide. That is as arrogant and condescending statement. People are "TRYING" perhaps their best and trying to learn what to do and you call them delusional. Although I learn a lot from you and that is why I watch, you two get pretty arrogant with your statements and it makes me NOT want to watch. NOT everyone can be as well versed as you and we are all on different levels of knowledge. Get a clue and don't call your viewers delusional because they don't know as much as you.

sylgr84, posted on December 31, 2013

I hope they won't stop because of comment like yours.

motherearth, posted on December 18, 2013

I know what not to use, but try and tell someone else that the products they use is making them sick and they just roll their eyes. It seems all anyone can do is when something needs to be clean is clean it yourself and then you can use a product that is safer and healthier. There are a lot of shows on Gaiam TV that will show you how to make your own products.

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