Secrets of Spiritual Healing – Part 1: Theory Video
Secrets of Spiritual Healing – Part 1: Theory

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Secrets of Spiritual Healing – Part 1: Theory (2007)

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The Secrets of Spiritual Healing examines the function of the healing forces in a way that has never before been seen. Dr. Mitchell Gibson’s two-day lecture was filmed live at the International Science and Consciousness Conference, making these two videos a must-see for those seeking to understand healing.

The first day’s lecture focused on theory. Dr. Gibson talks about what illness is and where the forces of illness health come from. And these forces interact with us to cause and create disease and health in our lives. Topics include Sephiroth, Qlippoth, Function of Detritus, Function of Karma, thought forms and the healing process.

Dr. Mitchell Gibson
Dr. Mitchell Gibson

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lotusdore, posted on April 24, 2015

Thank you very much, beautiful information, had answer to many questions, as spiritual healer there are still more to learn.

susan.ravagni, posted on April 6, 2015

Very interesting, some of it made sense but there wasn't enough of a description of how he came to understand this. I know he only had 90 minutes but this whole detritus didn't completely resonate (especially how he knew that beets and asparagus have more detritus...where did he get that info??). I do agree, though, regarding negative thoughts, negative speech, ignoring the plight of others builds up bad karma which can impact you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This is a common thread found in many philosophies.

BFKaye, posted on March 4, 2016

I was wondering the same thing in regards to asparagus and beets... I could not find any additional info anywhere on this .

gellis616, posted on March 31, 2015


MichalL@Gaia, posted on March 31, 2015

@gellis616, Great to hear you found it interesting! Click here for Secrets of Spiritual Healing - Part 2: Spiritual Healing Tools.
Thank you,

geeva, posted on March 30, 2015

Wow amazing presentation indeed ,I got so excited watching as Dr Gibson mentioning his teacher SRI Mataji Mirmala Devi .I was in her presence many times when i joined Sahaj Yoga .I am proud to see this on GaiamTV being shared with thousands and maybe millions of people Thank you so very mutch

urdivine2, posted on March 27, 2015

What a fantastic informative presentation of material that will help my wellness and spiritual growth. I am excited to have found this Dr. and so appreciate the vast experience and wisdom shared. Going to the website for more delicious knowledge. THANK YOU Dr. Gibson for sharing your experiences/wisdom and bringing it forward!

alexkelly3991, posted on March 26, 2015

I just want to let people know that part 2 is available on amazon instant play.

stacymcardle, posted on February 3, 2015

If you stick with this and really pay attention, you will learn a lot of very important information. This is an outstanding program that is well delivered, as well as extremely informative and helpful.

balindafiebiger, posted on May 11, 2014

Excellent presentation!

jldy, posted on May 9, 2014

Once again Gaiam TV comes thru with quality shows. This is highly interesting to me as a spiritualist but also as a person with diabilitating illness! I look forward to part two. Thank You!

ceritasfgp, posted on May 5, 2014

(My teachings are) We facilitate healing as a practitioner, the client heals himself...however this doesn't explain animals having spontaneous remission or healing...
I happen to believe animals consciousness is eveolving along with our own development, (used shamanically)
Science is finding proof of energies and healing which enlightened beings and healers have know for millenia, we live in a quantum world of possibilities and create our own realities and thus possible healing...

I will be finding his written works and appreciate his diversity of training. thank you Gaiamtv for intellectual opportunity and diversity!

Love, Light and Blessings

derekreganwalls, posted on April 30, 2014

I learned much in this wonderful lecture, Thank you Dr. Mitchell Gibson.

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