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Seed Battles

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Seed Battles (2013)

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Hidden deep inside a massive mountain in inhospitable Spitsbergen, Norway, is the most important vault in the world: the Global Seed Vault. It is 20 degrees below zero and the vault is able to withstand earthquakes, floods, missile attacks and nuclear disaster.

The “Doomsday Vault,” as it is called, is the life's work of the inspired American professor Cary Fowler. Its mission is to be a "backup" for as many of the world's crops as possible, and a toolbox for seed breeders. This is vital, for by 2050 there will be 9 billion mouths to feed.

But the success of the vault also shows its downside. The increasing strategic importance of seeds gives rise to a fundamental debate: to whom do the seeds belong?

Cary Fowler, Marieke Jeuken, Chris Kik
Kees Brouwer
English, Dutch with English subtitles

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Terricogbill, posted on January 21, 2016

Yep , Lesliesfarm definitely has it right ! Wake up world , the elites don't care about anyone else !
Bilderbergs have already chosen Hilary ,ms Monsanto it takes a village
We need an Ubuntu revolution , I say Bernie Sanders and Michael Tellinger to lead us to victory . kick out the cabal , and let's all live peacefully together in an Atlantean civilization .
Of course after banning the Georgia guidestones 500,000,000 to their labor camp of picking weeds and sifting out garbage/ pollution from our streams , oceans , cities , etc. And they have to don their chemical/ biological warfare suits on (under close security security )for bad karmic behavior until every bit of nasty contagious particulate matter has been annihilated out of existence .then they must go barefoot in nature to get grounded and feel Gaia's heartbeat and chant gregorian solfeggio music to cleanse their souls and purify their spirits. They must relive the lives of the Cathars that were humble servants , pure and devout . Once they, and anyone else needing to get back into rhythm , have been returned to goodness , they may rejoin the rest of us 6,500,000,000 and hold hands in a circle around the globe and then we will all collectively consciously ask the creator to come and join us in starting a new cycle . In harmony , devoid of hatred , fear , hunger , pain , suffering . Will invite the other beings to join us in the multiverse .
Can't wait . My dream .... No negativity allowed ❤️

lesliesfarm, posted on December 15, 2015

On the surface it may seem that the Svalbard representative is simply trying to save the world. However, as a teacher and writer on the subject of organic and sustainable food production, I have spent a good amount of time studying the issue. This film presents one side and it is not humanity's side. This facility is NOT a seed bank. None of the contributors have access to the collection. The Russians are not backward fools. Their people are right to be skeptical. When Fowler was offering to help them go digital I wondered if it was so that he could easily discover exactly what they have.

If you know anything about the cabal, look at who is on Svalbard's board. You will recognize names and organizations, such as Bill Gates, the Rockefeller Foundation, Monsanto and Syngenta, to name a few. In my opinion, they wish to assemble the sum total of our agricultural treasures FOR THEMSELVES AND THEIR OWN SURVIVAL, after destroying the majority of humanity. If all plant life is devastated by a major cataclysm, who would be left to take advantage of the seed collection? Only those who have access to an underground, high tech bunker, possibly?

The real way to maintain our great legacy of crops is the same way it has been done since the beginning of agriculture, by planting and saving the seeds. We need to take back our food supply. We have already squandered much of our diversity and heritage. It is time to wake up and pay attention to who is controlling your food and water.

annie99, posted on December 14, 2015

Your video states we are short on food - you must not be seeing the tons of food we throw away, daily - at least here in the USA - there's no shortage - it's mismanaged - and it's also CRAP food - with GMOs and toxic pesticides ruining it's value ... I think the theme of this video is overly negative - at least in the first 3 minutes - though I'm not keen on doing so - I'll watch the rest of it and hope it shines a light on better management of our agricultural industries and better management of our production methods ... OBTW - if there is a challenge - how in the world will we get the seeds out of the bank to take advantage of, any how? Great location for those within 100 miles of this island - rather impractical for anyone else in the world ...

OK - I watched the whole video - and there's some very passionate people doing their best to save seeds for later generations (and in the event of a global or local issue that destroys crops) ... I commend them all for their selfless efforts - and then someone talks about commercializing the seeds (again, back to profits - it's always about the money) ...

Has anyone also thought that if we do have a global catastrophe that the database may not work (no electricity) and that there needs to be a physical accounting of what's in the bank (a Rosetta stone, of sorts, to understand what's there and how to find it?) - along with images, to see what a plant looks like? Seems like the labels and such are all in Russian, German or Norwegian or another language - "greek" to me, I only speak english - yet, again - what use to us, here in USA ... when it's half way around the world AND locked up ...

I'm not clear about the value proposed

oluconi, posted on December 11, 2015

I Love it,! our future depend of this guys. good job.
a Farmer!!

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